What Is the Journey From the Head to the Heart?

What Is the Journey From the Head to the Heart?

Someone new in recovery may believe that they already know everything they need to. Accepting help from others may be a foreign concept that can be off-putting to a person who has lived on self-will in their addiction. Changing the mindset of an individual who has suffered under the influence can take some time and can gain some new perspective about sobriety. More importantly, someone on the path of recovery will also need to attain emotional sobriety so that during their sober transformation, they can experience the journey from the head to the heart.

Live Outside Your Head

Following what your addiction says will not serve you well. Your addiction, plain and simple, is out to get you, since your addiction centers in your mind. Recovery helps you to retrain your thinking so that you do not have to be a prisoner in your mind with the negative thoughts your addiction wants you to believe. Getting outside influences to bring the solution in your recovery will give you a new outlook on life to live in.

Open Your Heart

Rather than let your fears guide you, let the affectionate awareness of your heart be a positive guiding force. Allowing yourself to open your heart in spirituality will let you make decisions based on the positivity of compassion and provide love and light to your journey in recovery.

Get Grounded in Harmony

Your brain is known to create anxiety and fear. Your heart can make decisions based solely on the emotions of your desires, not your needs. Linking the brain and the heart to formulate an effective plan for your life can make things much better. If you allow logic and emotion to harmonize, you can find yourself making choices that will enhance your recovery, not set it back.

What you need to know about the journey from the head to the heart is that you will thrive in your recovery and in everything else you pursue. You no longer need to hide behind judgment and fears. You deserve to live life to the fullest and do so by following the foot-long journey from the head to heart.

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