Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Why Am I Afraid to Be Healthy?

Fear comes in many different forms that can each keep a person from becoming healthy. When the word “healthy” is used, people usually think it means to be physically fit, but what about mental health? Self-care does not necessarily mean only taking care of the outside of a person with a pedicure or working out, although these situations could bring peace of mind.

Being healthy should include everything that makes a person whole through mind, body, and spirit. This beautiful trifecta is often dismantled before completion because the road to overall health can be intimidating and blocked by debilitating fears.

The Accountability

Having to show up for your life may be foreign to you because you always had drugs or alcohol to hide behind. Now that you are sober, your goal is to get healthy without knowing how to muster sober discipline. Taking this huge step in being accountable as a human, a family member, an employee, and a friend will be remarkable if you allow yourself to be open to change.

You can even ask others to join in on holding you accountable to help you become more dependable. Use a therapist, sponsor, pastor, or physical trainer to help you move past the fear of accountability so you can start suiting up and showing up with the healthy activities you are implementing.

The Undiscovered

Dealing with the fear of the unknown is pretty brutal to encounter. The constant fear of what is coming next or where you will be if “this” happens, can keep you feeling defeated before you even try. Allowing prejudices that are not based on reality can keep you from accomplishing your goals. If you are attempting your first marathon without any training, yes, that would be a healthy fear of the unknown because you understand its complications.

Skydiving when you are acrophobic is probably not a great decision. On the other hand, not going to a recovery meeting for the first time because you are afraid of what goes on could keep you from having like-minded people in your life who can encourage you to stay sober. Do the research and take a chance on things that may enhance your recovery lifestyle instead of deciding you will not do it because you are afraid.

The Failure

Having reservations in your recovery that dictate when you will drink or use again can set you up for failure faster than you can imagine. If you have already decided that you cannot do something, you will most likely start believing that and putting yourself at risk for relapse.

Only strive for progress rather than perfection instead of being so hard on yourself in recovery that you are unable to focus on the day at hand. Celebrate the small victories and let your resiliency shine through in your recovery to dust yourself off and keep trying. You can do this!

The Roadblocks

You may find yourself obstructed from wanting to get healthy. Using finances, time, effort, or willingness as a way to keep yourself from being the best you can be will also keep you from being happy, joyous, and free. Roadblocks are just like that.

They want to hinder your recovery because you are getting something from the negative consequences that these barriers are causing you. Only you can knock down the roadblocks that are holding you back from being healthy, and you will rise in confidence and self-worth for doing so.

The Success

Understanding that there is a great deal that comes with gaining success might keep you from attempting your full potential. In recovery, you know that you will have to attend a ton of meetings, work the 12-Steps, and be of service any chance you get.

Once you get to a certain point in your recovery, you may lean toward not feeling like you are qualified to be of service to others because you think you have nothing to offer. You may also know that you are putting yourself in a position to have others look to you because you have what they want while still convincing yourself you are an imposter.

The best thing you can do is own your progress and keep moving forward in the spirit of service because you will never know all the lives you can reach by staying sober.

The Transformation

Part of the renewal process of getting healthy is shedding the things that you have been holding onto as a defense mechanism. Your character defects, your extra weight, or your low self-esteem were ways that you were able to protect yourself from becoming who you were meant to be.

Change can be challenging to endure. By working on the things that have continued to hold you back, you can propel to new levels of loving yourself as you increase your tenacity by seeing the changes taking place within you. What you may have realized at this point is that your fears are holding you back from getting healthy in your recovery.

The good news is that you can do something about it. Find a way to release unhealthy fears by doing healthy activities such as adopting therapy, practicing mindfulness, or going for a walk in nature. Aligning yourself in mind, spirit, and body will help you to work through those fears holding you back and become an integral part of keeping you sober long-term.

We want to help you work on the fears that have kept you from getting healthy by giving you the tools you need to stay sober. Offering a full range of recovery and mental health services, The Detox Center of Colorado offers “Expanded Recovery” to enrich our clients’ lives in mind, body, and spirit. Clients are restored to full health and experience life-changing healing with the power of recovery. Call us today to start your journey for a healthier lifestyle in recovery at (303) 536-5463.


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