What Does Peer Advocacy Entail?

What Does Peer Advocacy Entail?

Going through life alone would be painful and isolating. When trying to stay sober, having like-minded people around to walk you through the tough times is imperative. The technical term is peer advocacy, which means having one-on-one support or support in a group by relating to similar experiences.

People in recovery have successfully focused on using this concept to accept their peers regardless of what they have done in their past. In fact, recovery uses the misgivings of a person’s past to turn them into strengths.

Trust Is Necessary

Using peer advocacy to a person’s advantage means that the relationship is built around both people being equal, no matter the differences in recovery time. Living one day at a time means that everyone learns from one another instead of struggling for power or prestige.

Peer advocacy can remind others what it is like to be out there using and drinking, and peers can give pointers on what they have been doing to stay sober. No one is on a pedestal. In peer advocacy, one person with an addiction sharing with another person with an addiction to gain trust with one another is the name of the game.

Empathy Is Necessary

A common cause must bond everyone to feel a part of any group. Being able to relate to one another is a critical element that is based on understanding addiction. When this happens, everyone needs to provide empathy as a means for unity.

When an individual feels like they belong, they can be centered in the fellowship with enough support to keep them focused on the steps it takes to stay sober.

De-stigmatization is Necessary

Peer advocacy lets others see recovery is possible. Showing that recovery works by being a good example of the program is important because it shows newcomers that things will get better with sobriety. Advocacy for recovery provides support and reasoning to look past the stigmas of mental health issues and addiction to show that addiction can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Peer advocacy is just a fancy phrase for the support, unity, and fellowship that you will need for a solid foundation in your recovery. You were not meant to be on this earth alone and desolate. Rather, you were meant for so much more and empowerment in your recovery will take you far.

Whether you want to call it peer advocacy, fellowship, sponsorship, or friendship, just take it. This crucial part of your recovery can show you how beautiful life can be with others who understand the language of the heart.

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