Why Does Routine Help Recovery?

Power in Routine

Doing the next indicated step is an important concept to follow in recovery. Distractions, including drugs and alcohol, can be why many people in recovery fall short into relapse. Although you may not like following a rigid schedule, there is something to establishing a routine to follow in recovery. Even though tomorrow is not promised, having some clear-cut direction of what comes next can be beneficial for the following reasons. 

Expectations Are Clear

When you have a routine in place, you already know what to do before you do it. Checking off a list of things to do every day just feels great and will contribute to you feeling more constructive. Having healthy obligations in place will provide you a more exact path to find that next indicated step.

Security Is Built

Although you may feel like you are easy sailing in your recovery, cravings can still get the best of you, and unfortunate things may happen. A routine’s safety can push you in the right direction when you may not feel like doing anything. Addiction is powerful, but having commitments in place can override those cravings or insecurities. Being organized and consistent will give you a sense of security through predictability to help combat your addiction. 

Progress Is Gained

Routine will give you the ability to see your development. Once you start to gain headway by putting some days together, you can be proud of what you have accomplished. Instead of wanting to throw away all your progress, you may think twice before picking up drugs and alcohol again. Relapse would set you back. The thing to consider is that getting sober is often more complicated than it is to stay sober. 

If you are unsure what routine you need to form, ask your sponsor or a therapist to help you set one up. Thinking about which meetings to attend or what time you should go to sleep at night will make a significant difference in how productive your day will be. Without a routine, chaos could be at the center of your life. Getting into a routine is the pathway to freedom by allowing you to become more efficient with scheduling, participation, and long-term recovery.

The Detox Center of Colorado offers comprehensive and personalized treatment plans that provide client-focused solutions to resolve the issues brought about by the insidiousness of addiction. Developing healthy routines is one tool we can help you develop during your time with us. We look at the whole person through their mental, physical, and spiritual aspects to understand each client’s specific treatment to succeed in their personal recovery. We offer a full range of recovery and mental health services to help our clients on their recovery journey from addiction and dual diagnosis. Call us today to get started: (303) 952-5035 


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