Reconnecting With Yourself is Vital for Long-Term Recovery


A step often forgotten or ignored in recovery is getting to know yourself again after losing your identity in the throes of your addiction. Connection to yourself can be found through tools such as meditation and self-reflection practices that provide peace and motivation for maintaining sobriety. Meditation and other practices are common in treating addiction and mental health disorders because they provide the tools for reconnecting with our true selves and reduce the destructive thoughts that can be prevalent in the early recovery process. 

Taking care of your mental health is connected to treating addiction because often when drug and alcohol use is arrested, mental health issues can become more prevalent. It is important to know healthy ways to address mental health challenges. There are many applications for utilizing these techniques along your recovery journey. 

Only You Know Why You Started Abusing Substances

There are many reasons why people abuse substances. More often than not, substance abuse is not the life that you sought out or did because you were just bored with life. Understanding the underlying causes of your substance abuse requires you to look inward and discover the root of your addiction because only then can it create the opportunity for growth, change, and recovery. Rediscovering yourself and connecting with who you are again will help you determine what you need to do in order to have the best chance for long-term recovery. 

A behavioral healthcare professional can guide you along the process of self-discovery to determine why your substance abuse started that led you to need addiction treatment. While they can get you started, it is up to you to continue the process with them and have the courage to look deep within so that you can heal. This process takes work, but it is important to do in order to reach your long-term recovery goals. 

Knowing Yourself Means Knowing When You’re at Risk of Relapse

Once you’ve gotten to the root cause of your substance abuse you will have an increased awareness of the signs of a potential relapse. You will be able to understand more about the negative behaviors that may lead you to use drugs or alcohol again. You will be able to recognize old habits popping up and turn to professionals or your support network for help rather than going back to abusing substances. Detecting these early signs of relapse is a great benefit of the self-discovery process. If you are willing to dive in and face the demons of your past, you will have the ability to reconnect with yourself in a way that can prevent you from having to back to a life of addiction ever again. 

Discover Who You Are Without Drugs or Alcohol to Reach Deeper Healing

One of the challenges during the early recovery phase is knowing what to do with yourself without using drugs or alcohol. Getting to know yourself during recovery means discovering who you are and who you want to be and figuring out how you’re going to achieve the goals you want for yourself. You will discover more about what you like to do, what you like to eat, what you may even like to wear. The self-discovery process will help to know what you can do without using drugs or alcohol.

Finding the things you enjoy doing and doing those things without drugs or alcohol are great motivators for continuing along your recovery journey. Addiction is not who you are and once you are able to arrest your drug and alcohol abuse, you can find ways to reconnect with yourself and discover who you want to be with a newfound life in sobriety. The future you see for yourself can be bright and full of potential when you can see yourself clearly.


For professional and compassionate care that assists with reconnecting with yourself, the Detox Center of Colorado provides a safe and comfortable environment for the self-discovery process to begin. We also strive to help our clients connect with their peers, their family, and their higher power to strengthen their level of healing and support. Individualized treatment plans are made for each person who comes into our program because we know that everyone’s needs are different. Each plan is built utilizing evidence-based therapies because we know that these modalities for treating addiction can be successful. By putting the person first, and giving them the space to begin the transformational process of recovery, the Detox Center of Colorado can help you or your loved one build a life for long-term recovery. We are able to help you in enriching your life and future in mind, body, and spirit. Give us a call to learn how this program can work for you at (303) 952-5035.

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