Relapse Does Not Mean Failure


There are a lot of ways that we can tell ourselves that we should give up on recovery. One is that if you relapse, that somehow you have failed in your recovery. But you are not a failure. You are capable of recovering from a relapse and get back on your feet and back on the road to recovery.

The recovery process can be incredibly challenging and requires a daily commitment to your healing and the recovery journey. It is also different for each individual and your recovery is not going to look like another’s. There are many people who do relapse as a part of their recovery journey and therefore if you have found yourself coming back from a relapse, you are not alone. Some people are not able to find their way back to recovery, but many individuals are able to recover and not ever have to relapse again.

Addiction Can Be Ruthless

Addiction has the ability to take a life of its own leaving you without the power to choose whether to use drugs or alcohol. Anyone who struggles with the disease of addiction knows that it can drive you to engage in negative behaviors that you would normally not do if you were sober. Addiction can feel like it is running your life because it is only focused on getting you to your next high. 

It may feel like nothing will stop addiction from trying to take you down. It can create thoughts of shame that may hinder you from wanting to seek help again after a relapse. The truth is that addiction deceives us into thinking that we need the substance more than we actually do. It’s important to remember this as you make your way back to the road of recovery. You are able to find your way out of the darkness of addiction and watch the doors open again to a life free from drugs and alcohol. 

Falling Doesn’t Mean you Can’t Stand Back up

Falling off the wagon of recovery doesn’t mean your journey is over. The road of recovery can be bumpy and it is normal to struggle and potentially relapse. The good news is that you have been given the tools for asking for help so that you can call on your support network who can lead you back to the road to recovery.

The only thing you may want to ask yourself as you begin the recovery journey again is what you may want to do differently this time to avoid potential relapse. It takes time to find a treatment plan and coping mechanisms that work for you. When you have a slip, it may be a sign that something needs to be adjusted and will be a great learning opportunity for what works best for your success in recovery. 

Sobriety Takes Work 

The harder a task, the more likely it is that mistakes can happen. Recovery can be a difficult journey because we are asked to face life and its various trials and tribulations without using drugs or alcohol. Relapse is not an opportunity to shame yourself, but more of an opportunity to look for new ways to grow and change once you find your way back to sobriety. 

Try not to let the stigmas or opinions of others deter you from getting back on track to living the life of your dreams. The only person that matters when making the choice to commit again to recovery is you. Removing the shame attached to the relapse will help you to ask for the help you need and get you back on the path to your best life you can live! 


Whether you or your loved one is seeking treatment for the first time or have had many treatment experiences, the team at the Detox Center of Colorado is here to help. We work to provide our clients with a higher level of healing. Our location just outside the Rocky Mountains provides an environment where you can learn to reconnect with yourself and find a safe place to return after a relapse. We know that recovery doesn’t end at detox, and will assist in planning out the next steps in your journey so you can maintain your progress towards your recovery goals. On a daily basis, we strive to enhance the client experience with personalized treatment plans that are built from evidence-based therapies provided by a compassionate care team committed to helping those suffering from addiction. Give the Detox Center of Colorado a call at (303) 952-5035 to find out how to get started with us.

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