Social Isolation Complicates Addiction


One of the great joys in life is socializing with others. Going out to restaurants, shopping, and taking vacations to allow us to spend time with those we love. These activities also afford us the ability to meet new people and have new experiences. While COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on the physical health of millions, the social isolation factor has impacted the mental health of many.

Human beings are naturally social creatures. Having spent an entire year mostly devoid of typical social situations has taken its toll. Social isolation is neither natural nor healthy. Mental health professionals have warned that long-term pandemic isolation has increased mental health issues for many.

Addiction and Social Isolation Often Go Hand-in-Hand

An addiction to drugs and alcohol often causes a person to distance themselves from others. The effort to hide their addiction and the need for time to engage in it are common reasons for isolating themselves. Viewing life through the haze of drugs and alcohol can also diminish a person’s natural interest in maintaining relationships. The call of staying home and drinking or using narcotics supersedes the desire to do things like catching a movie or trying out a new restaurant.

When a person lives alone, the amount of social isolation can be enormous. People are often going weeks and even months without in-person contact with others. Loneliness, hopelessness, and emotional distress became the price of being alone for long periods.

Combatting Social Isolation With Technology

Even if health concerns keep a person spending most or all of their time at home, maintaining contact with others is possible. Phone calls, texts, and on-camera conversations all help people feel less alone. While Zoom has helped businesses conduct meetings, it’s not just a tool for work. Getting together regularly with friends or family via Zoom or other similar programs can boost morale and combat loneliness. Keep hope alive by planning activities to enjoy once social restrictions decrease.

While the coronavirus impacts the physical health of millions, it has taken its toll on mental health, too. Long-term social isolation affects many people negatively. It can also help sustain an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox Center of Colorado offers professional help with detoxification. Our COVID-compliant facility features a homelike environment for a small group of clients. We evaluate your substance abuse history and create a recovery program designed to help you recover. Call us today to find out how you can jumpstart your life and get sober! (303) 952-5035.

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