Juggling Recovery While Still Working


A person who deals with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can find that it’s a full-time job just staying in recovery. When they also have to hold down employment, things can seem overwhelming. Don’t give up hope of being able to do both!

People often thrive under even the most difficult of circumstances. Keeping up with your job while working hard at maintaining your recovery is doable. Knowing your options for balancing work and maintaining recovery puts you in the driver’s seat.

Planning for a Detox Program

Most professionals recommend completing a detoxification program in a residential or medical setting. The intense nature of detoxing will likely rule out being able to work while completing it. Talk to your boss or Human Resources Director to discuss your options for taking time off.

You may be eligible to use paid vacation or accrued sick days to cover your time off. Your company may also have a policy that allows employees to take compensated time off for medical events related to drug and alcohol recovery programs. Once you complete detox, you may be ready to go back to work.

Recovery Programs That Fit Your Schedule

You can choose from a variety of treatment plans that will complement your work schedule. Factors to consider include how many hours a week you work and what your treatment professionals recommend. The following options allow you to still live at home and work:

  • Outpatient (OP) programs typically allow enough time for you to still work full-time. They may include basic therapy and support groups.
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) takes place part-time and is more focused than OP. Sessions are typically a few days a week for a few hours per day.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) involves treatment that takes place in a medical setting. The required treatment time may be more than that required by IOP. They still allow enough time to work at least part-time.

Many people who want to embrace a recovery program worry about working at the same time. Luckily, there are multiple options for seeking treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol while still holding down a job. The Detox Center of Colorado provides the first step to entering recovery. Our compassionate team of professionals helps assess your individual needs and formulate a plan that works for you. We offer both detox and a recovery plan for afterward. Call our Denver area location today at (303) 952-5035 to find out how to make our plans work for you.

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