Can You Die From Withdrawal?

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Addiction has significant power over your body and your brain, altering you physically and psychologically. Going through the detox or withdrawal process can be frightening for many of these same reasons. There are some cases where it is possible to produce life-threatening symptoms, but can you die from them? As you are seeking recovery, it is important to speak with an addiction specialist to determine your risks. In many cases, finding a detoxification center immediately is vital.

Detox and Death

If you are struggling with substance abuse, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you go through the detox process. However, the detoxification process can be fairly short with help from professional addiction specialists and medical supervisors who can help balance and control the withdrawal environment.

While in the midst of a detox situation, you could experience discomfort through withdrawal. However, the withdrawal symptoms only last for a certain period, and depending on the substance use, the withdrawal symptoms can even change. In most cases, the withdrawal symptoms include agitation, anxiety, depression, vomiting, cramps, mood swings, fatigue, depression, and trembling. In other cases, the withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance used, ranging from mild to intense.

There are certain scenarios where substances can pose a risk of seizure, coma, and death if the environment is not a controlled, professional environment. Having a professional on your side when you go through a detox decreases the risks of death and offers support for your mental and physical health. When you detox in a safe and comfortable environment, the chance of encountering the risks severely drops.

Detox Is Not the Same for Everyone

It is vital to understand why detox can be a deadly situation if it is done in an unprofessional environment. Having a basic understanding of the substance’s effects on your body and your brain can decrease the fear of the withdrawal and detox phases.

Consistent use of substances has the potential to increase the effects of symptoms and impact the activity of your brain. However, in some cases, withdrawal symptoms are more of a slight annoyance. Although if you are left in an uncontrolled environment, withdrawal can be life-threatening.

Not every individual’s experience of withdrawal symptoms is going to be the same. Various factors, like the kind of substance and how long it was used, determine the severity of withdrawals. Additional factors, including pre-existing mental or physical health concerns, can alter the withdrawal symptoms as well. When left to detox or withdrawal on your own, you increase the risks of negative withdrawal symptoms, potentially putting your life at risk.

Can You Detox at Home?

Detoxing at your home can be an appealing idea if you are struggling with substance use. However, it raises the risk of negative repercussions that can even be as severe as death. You could choose to detox at home because you do not want to deal with the guilt or shame you may think you will experience in a detox treatment center. 

Despite the appealing idea of detoxing at home, it is best to recognize and address the concern in a professional or medical environment. Professional environments lower the risk of death and offer many preventive measures for your recovery.

A professional addiction specialist can mitigate the complications that come with withdrawal and will be there the entire time through the detox process. If your concern is cost, then there are many methods to help you handle insurance that can assist you toward your goal of overcoming the drugs in a professional detox environment.

It is best to speak to a professional that can guide you through the process and support you through any symptoms you may have. You may have extremely strong cravings and go through a variety of withdrawal symptoms, but the risk of death and mishandling detox is dramatically decreased with the support of a professional.

Find the Safe Way to Detox

The best way to stay safe is to learn about the various options of detoxing. Primarily, you should connect with a safe detox treatment who understands your situation and is there to help you recover safely. Consider what level of attention you need and address if there are any previous or current physical/ mental health conditions.

Considering the level of stress in your life and speaking about your situation to a professional can lower the stresses and fears of detox. Speaking with a professional detox facility ensures more safety in your detox process. It can give you someone who can relate to your situation, and offer you comprehensive care throughout the entire process.

Professional detox facilities save lives and help with the preventative maintenance of withdrawal symptoms that come along with detox. Not all symptoms of withdrawals are serious. However, if left unmanaged, the rate of death and other health risks is heightened, especially without a professional detox program. At Detox Center of Colorado, you have qualified medical staff by your side the entire time, and you can get the peace of mind you deserve while undergoing detox. If you have tried to quit using substances in the past or if this is your first time seeking help, remember you do not have to do this alone. Some professionals have been through recovery and detox themselves and are there to help support and transition you into the recovery path in a safe environment. Contact us at (303) 952-5035 to get into a safe, supportive environment with a professional team that gives you a positive opportunity for detoxification.

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