How to Get a Loved One to Go to Detox

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Before jumping to conclusions and telling your loved one they need to go to detox, find a way to motivate them. It is easy to talk about addiction when you are not the one using the substance. However, knowing that your loved one is using can help you understand their suffering on an intimate level. You know your loved one can be free from substance use with the right help, but helping your loved one may not be a simple path.

Detox Is Not Their First Thought

As a close relative, parent, or friend, it breaks your heart to see someone you love struggling with substance use. You understand that your loved one is suffering. However, when you feel that you are saying the right thing, you may still find it backfiring.

Know that you and your loved one are not alone. Substance use and addiction is a tricky situation that millions of individuals experience. Helping your loved one with their addiction is not as simple as expressing your concern or telling them to stop. 

Expressing questions and statements about their substance use can turn around and cause them to use more. Addressing addiction or getting help is not the foremost thought in their mind. Those struggling with substance use have thoughts and actions based around using the substances. Even a loved one telling them to stop may go unheard.

Create a Plan of Action

Fortunately, there are ways to motivate a loved one to go to detox. It may take time to get your loved one to recover from substance use, but it is important to take the proper steps to get them help. Many individuals struggling with substance use resist help and can turn on their family and friends. This makes it difficult because you care so much about them. You need to have a plan set up before making statements and asking questions.

Don’t Hesitate, There Is Help

If you have someone you love that struggles with substance use, you can get them to find a detox through evaluating the scenario, performing effective research, seeking professional guidance, showing empathy, setting boundaries, and practicing self-care. It is never too late to find new motivating ways to get your loved one to go to detox, but it all starts with you understanding their substance use is not your fault. Over time, with the right actions and plans put into place, you can get them help.

At Detox Center of Colorado, we understand that providing empathy for a loved one’s substance use means creating and showing an actionable plan that’s relatable to each specific situation. If you want to motivate or help your loved one go to detox, now is the time to seek professional guidance. We don’t want you to go through this alone or sacrifice your life to change your loved one. Detox Center of Colorado is here to help you and your loved one recover in a healthy way. For more information about how to help your loved one, call us at (303) 952-5035.

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