How 90 Days Could Be a Turning Point into a Relapse

How 90 Days Could Be a Turning Point into a Relapse

No one is trying to get sober because they have been on a winning streak. Typically, the reasons that a person decides to stop drinking and using is due to the loss of relationships, legal problems, financial problems, or health problems. These types of circumstances produce what is known as the gift of desperation which brings someone to their knees and motivates them to unwillingly see what life will be like without drugs or alcohol.  

Once someone gets sober on their merit to make things much better for themselves, the first 90 days are the most crucial. A person’s perception and daily practices are changed and tested quite often during this time. With the alcohol and drugs out their system, it is not uncommon that a person just might talk themselves out of believing that drugs and alcohol are the real problems after all. With this type of mentality, there will be little to no defense against the first drink, and a relapse will inevitably come next, but it does not have to.

Meeting makers make it

If you were to talk to someone who relapses, many will tell you that they relapsed because they first stopped going to meetings. You may think that meetings or group therapy may not be that important although they really are. Without meetings, you do not have a connection to the people who are influential to your sobriety. When you stop going to meetings, you then most likely stop calling your sponsor and then stop working your program. All of these things together are instrumental to help you make the decision that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol knowing that you cannot safely ever use them again.   

Progress, not perfection

When your recovery does not move as fast as you think it should, you may think that staying sober is just not working. You may expect perfection for all the work you have put into your recovery although you should understand that your efforts are a process. The things that you want to change instantaneously in your sobriety may frustratingly move at a snail’s pace. Hang on to your sobriety date and keep trudging.

You may view your recovery as a life sentence, and it may seem like that. The truth is that your recovery is way out from under and into a life of happiness and freedom – just do not give up before the miracle happens. 

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