Why Relapse is a Part of Recovery

Why Relapse is a Part of Recovery

You may hear time and again that relapse is part of recovery. This statement bothers some because they feel this is a justification that propels people into a relapse. For those who do relapse, this statement can help take away some of the shame and guilt that could keep them from coming back to their recovery. 

The truth is that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are not supposed to get sober plain and simple. Their brain is inundated with an obsession to drink and use making sobriety unlikely without getting the help they need to stop. Even when they do get help, the impending obsession of the mind takes time to quiet which is how relapse typically tends to happen. In the wake of a relapse, tools need to be picked up instead of drugs and alcohol – most just do not know how to.

Forgiving yourself is part of recovery 

If you relapse, in order to move forward in your recovery, you have start by forgiving yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and yes, relapse is a big misstep, but you can overcome this is you let yourself. Beating yourself up and playing a negative internal dialogue will not fix the problems you caused through your last bender. Use this past spree as a way to learn what not to do next time while also granting yourself forgiveness.

Being grateful is part of recovery

You may feel terrible about going out on your recovery. The truth is that you should thank your lucky stars you are still alive and have the ability to continue in your recovery. Looking at life with doom and gloom is easy. Being grateful for making it out from under is much more rewarding. Use your gratitude to move you forward in your recovery. You have so much going for you, even if you do not think so. If you let the negativity of your last relapse have the most power of you, moving forward in grace will be impossible. Write a daily gratitude list. Listen to the hope in the shares that people in recovery meetings offer. Put your hand out to another newcomer. Find methods that help you to pacify the obsession and the shame that comes with your addiction and turn them into gratitude.

Relapse is part of recovery although it does not have to be. Discover the tools that will lead you into the recovery you ultimately deserve. 

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