What Does it Mean to “Spin-Dry” in One’s Recovery?

Someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is always trying to find ways to up the ante to make their high hit more effectively than the last one. What happens during drug and alcohol addiction is that an individual’s tolerance increases which also dangerously increases their consumption. Once the line is crossed into addiction, a person will go to any lengths to remain under the influence including trying to “spin-dry”. 

What is “Spin-Dry”?

There are many different ways that people who are addicted work the system to get their fix. One of these ways is to “Spin-Dry”. This slang word alludes to someone who is trying to get a more prevalent high each time they drink and use by going to a rehabilitation facility to get temporarily sober. The hope is to get an increased high after experiencing a period of cessation while being able to rest their nerves in a controlled environment. 

What happens after a “Spin-Dry” episode?

Although they may get the instant gratification they desire, after a short period of not using or drinking they will be as bad as ever. Addiction is a progressive condition that no one is ever cured from even if they choose to stop. Instead of getting the intense high they are searching for, they find themselves drinking and using in levels that could cause them to overdose or die. Not to mention, if a person who is addicted knows they are going to a treatment center, they could use copious amounts of drugs and alcohol knowing that they will not be using and drinking while they are there.

Does “Spin-Drying” even work?

Relapsing over and over again, which essentially defines “spin-drying”, is harmful to the body. Stopping and starting repeatedly takes a toll mentally and physically on the body. While they may still get an intense high by not consuming drugs and alcohol for a time, they cause withdrawal, injurious harm to the organs, and become more susceptible to contracting a mental illness. Drugs and alcohol are poison in the body and can cause more harm than good when abused in any capacity.

Trends that happen with drugs and alcohol are important to acknowledge because recognizing them can help you spot someone’s symptoms right away. Knowledge is power and can be the very thing to save someone’s life.

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