Reasons to Keep Coming Back

As you close out a 12-Step meeting, you have probably heard the phrase, “Keep coming back” as an open-ended invitation to literally keep coming back to meetings. Recovery meetings are meant to bring those who are suffering from addiction together in unity. In meetings, you will relate to others who have experienced the same battle of having drugs and alcohol tear through their lives. Although these may be people that you believe are much different from you, just keep coming back to hear the reasons why you need to. 

Your addiction is not curable.

A cure has not been found yet for addiction, although recovery methods have been affirmed to work successfully for many people. Being around those whom you relate to in your addiction increases your ability to stay sober. Knowing that you are not alone and that you are not unique takes off the stress to aid you in finding the solution. 

Your program is the solution.

Although nobody comes into recovery on a winning streak, working a program of recovery allows you to get back on your feet. Recovery turns around your attitude, improves your relationships, increases your stability, and teaches you important life skills along the way. Alcohol and drugs hold you back from your full potential, and recovery can give you the ability to find your purpose in sobriety. By taking the right actions in your program, you have a better shot at long-term sobriety. 

Your actions speak louder.

You cannot think your way into right action. You have to act yourself into right thinking. Through the proper channels in recovery, you can learn the necessary tools and find amazing resources to improve your chance of staying sober for the long haul. Working the 12-Steps in completion with a sponsor and attending meetings regularly can show you what it takes to achieve continuous sobriety. Talking your way through your program instead of walking the walk will never be sustainable because words do not make the changes that actions will.

 Your presence helps others. 

Suiting up and showing up is crucial for the survival of recovery — where two are gathered doubles the chances of recovery working because being alone is a difficult place to stay sober. Imagine when there are 20 people in a meeting, you have that much more support to lean on by just being present for everyone else, as well. One person helping another person who helps another person, and so forth, is a beautiful thing. Humans are socialized creatures who need one another for survival, and that also includes survival in getting sober. The key to sobriety is to take the hand that is being held out for you and then hold on for dear life. 

Your example leads newcomers.

Now that you are in it to win it, your shining example could be the example that someone wants to emulate in their own life. Practicing the principles in all your affairs is not just important for your well-being, but gives somebody else an opportunity to see how they have shaped your life. Drugs and alcohol led you in a negative way because they are poison to the body, mind, and soul. Once the substances are gone, you will most likely have to relearn how to live a life of integrity which is doable. Practicing the recovery principles will change your being and allow you to be the example that newcomers will flock to.   

Your past gives out hope.

Talking about your past may be hard for you to conceptualize, but the truth is, letting go of the past entails that you talk about it. You have probably gotten really good at suppressing the trauma and stress that led you to drink and use in the first place. What you need to know is that your past is your greatest asset. Remembering what it used to be like compared to what it is like now is incredible. Even though you believe your past is riddled with guilt and shame, the person you are becoming in recovery today is one of willingness and honesty. Willingness to do whatever it takes to stay sober and honesty to know when you are doing something that may get you closer to a relapse. Remember that you never have to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing with just anybody. Find someone you trust and do not keep secrets and resentment inside that could lead you to drink or use. Allow your past to help you and be of service to someone else who might just need some hope today. 

Recovery does more than people sometimes give it credit for. Learning how to stay sober is definitely no cakewalk; although if you keep coming back in your recovery, you will find that you are worth it. 

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