How Do I Truly Become Open-Minded in Recovery?

One predominant aspect of today’s society is that everyone has an opinion and most people think they know best. In recovery, this can also be true. People who have been around 12-Step meetings often lend their best advice to help others stay sober which can often be interpreted as a cut and dry you do what I say or you will not stay sober. 

While this is the reality for a good number of people who need a certain structure to stay sober, there are others who have used “untraditional” methods to stay sober which are outside of the realm of a 12-Step program. The reason for this difference is because of the progression of studying how recovery works. 

In today’s society, there are tons of resources at your fingertips that have been developed over the span of the last eight decades. What the recovery world knows today versus what they knew back in the 1930s is much greater due to the strides the mental health industry has obtained in knowledge to save lives and to change the stigma. This exciting transformation comes with one important concept – open-mindedness that aids in expanding the horizons of anyone who needs help understanding addiction. 

There Is Not Only One Way to Get Sober.

A 12-Step program and therapy of any kind are both ways that can tremendously help you to stop using drugs and alcohol. Recovery, however, is not a cookie-cutter method. The way you drank and used along with your consequences are different than someone else’s which means that how you get from point a to point b in recovery will differ. What you need is not necessarily what someone else may need. Meeting them where they are at to guide them along will be more beneficial than making someone do something that could potentially run them out of their recovery. Having an open-mind in recovery could greatly improve their chances to stay sober because will feel better about themselves overall.

There Are Examples for Everyone to Follow. 

Personalities vary from person to person and the best thing you can do for your recovery is to find someone who has what you want and emulate them. Some people thrive on tough love to better their chances to take responsibility for their actions. Others need a kind and loving approach to help them through the fear they are experiencing. Whatever you need to help you to stay sober, you should find your recovery style and be willing to take some action. 

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