Could Rejection Really Be Protection?

Could Rejection Really Be Protection?

Rejection, unfortunately, happens to everyone at one time or another. For you, there may be a long history of rejection that has resulted in addictively using drugs and alcohol to cope. During your childhood, there may have been issues beginning in your family of origin that kept you seeking the kind of people who would only reject you.

As you navigate your way through recovery, the work that you do to learn about your addiction, and about yourself, will be helpful to illustrate the patterns of rejection. By gaining this knowledge, you will choose better people to be in relationships with and see in certain relations where your higher power was doing for you what you could not do for yourself.

Rejection Can Be Used to Interpret.

For changes to be made regarding how rejection makes you feel and how you behave, you must first recognize that you have remiss issues. Once you can admit that you need to work on how you were rejected in the past, you can start to discern why you were rejected and how to deal with rejection moving forward. You did not get sober to be in toxic relationships. You got sober to learn how to be in healthy relationships that will enhance your recovery.

Rejection Can Be Used to Inspire.

Anything that may seem contrary can actually be used as motivation to do something different. In your recovery, you use your past to your advantage to not drink or use drugs again, and the same can happen with rejection. Rather than be embarrassed or discouraged by not feeling wanted, use tools and introspection to prepare for future relationships.

The more you grow, the stronger and more productive you will become with your connections to others. Rejection does feel terrible, and the more you put yourself out there, you risk being more rejected. What you should know is that being rejected is your higher power protecting you from those who could really hurt you if they stuck around. Rejection is not so much about what is wrong with you, but what is wrong with them.

Staying in your own lane is wise so that you can change what needs to change within you and not worry about what you cannot change in others. When you decipher the root cause of your rejection, finding relationships that are here to stay will become natural.

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