How to Let Go of Fear

How to Let Go of Fear

With all of the recent events surrounding political, civil, and pandemic issues, fear is one of the most predominant emotions of today. With no real clarity with the state of the nation, people are creating chaos in their minds, causing them to act out in different ways. Anger, sadness, protestation, and uncertainty can wreak havoc on a person’s emotions and quite possibly their recovery if they are not attuned to their program. Letting go of fear is something that needs to be worked out from the inside out so that you can be relieved of adversity ongoing.

Identify Your Fears

If you do not know what you are afraid of, you will not know what triggers the emotion from the fear. Gaining awareness of your fears can simply come from jotting them down. Writing out your fears will reveal more on paper than you can articulate in your head. Taking the time to identify fears in any capacity will set you free because either you will find them nonsensical or realize something new about yourself. Knowledge is power and can be the influence you need to dissolve them.

Embrace Your Fears

If you act like you do not have fear, the denial will eventually sneak up, and you may find yourself acting out in negative ways. When you recognize that you have anxiety or agony that is holding you back in life, you will have a better opportunity to cope with more productive ways than ingesting drugs and alcohol. Embracing your fears gives you the advantage to deal with them head-on, so they do not rule your life any longer.

You will find that letting go of these fears will make you breathe easier and rest easier without having to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. Even though you may not be able to reel in your emotions, there is no reason to discount your feelings in reaction to what is going on.

You should use your angst to help you walk through this new season of life with the tools you have been given in recovery. Without properly processing your fears, you will continue to hold onto them instead of letting them go. You deserve the freedom that comes with giving up your fears and the overall relief.

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