Why Mindfulness and Meditation Will Work During COVID-19

Why Mindfulness and Meditation Will Work During COVID-19

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, which has caused many people to feel more anxiety than ever. One great thing that the recovery world has to offer is the ability to take out our spiritual toolkit and start using the resources that we have strategically placed inside for times just like these.

A great tool to use when you are feeling down and out is meditation and mindfulness. While you may not think that meditation or mindfulness is for you, don’t knock it until you try it. Using this practice to your advantage can help you to improve your mental health all around.

Use It to Focus

Every day presents new changes and information that has everyone confused about where to put their attention. With mindfulness, you can focus on your spirituality, which can be all-encompassing for the time you spend doing it. Plus, you are letting out all the negativity and replacing it with positivity, which will help you focus on more meaningful things instead of concentrating on things beyond your control.

Use It to Pause

When everything seems to be falling to pieces, you can use mindfulness to stop everything around you and retreat through meditation. Find a corner in your house, a place in your yard, or a spot in your closet that allows you to be alone with your Higher Power.

There you can pause all the uncertainty and just be in the present. You can either continue to let your head take over or do something to stop the insanity with the practice of mindfulness.

Use It to Recover

The act of recovering using a relationship with a Higher Power helps you use spirituality as a means to stop using drugs and alcohol. Spirituality suggests meditation and prayer as a way to stay in contact with a Higher Power. Mindfulness is a wonderful way to seek direction from a Higher Power after you have found guidance through your communication with a power greater than yourself.

Meditation and mindfulness can get you connected in mind, body, and spirit, which will assist you with connecting to others. Your confidence will increase by allowing you to stay in the present moment instead of feeling the pain of the past or anxiety about the future.

The addition of meditation and mindfulness to your routine will allow you to relax and remain calm even when the rest of the world seemingly has gone bonkers. Your journey through meditation and mindfulness will prove to give you a lift when you need it the most.

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