Why Being of Service Can Change Your Life

Why Being of Service Can Change Your Life

Your philosophy of life may entail giving someone the shirt off your back when they are in need. That ideal is pretty common with most caring people. However, for someone who is suffering from addiction and offering the shirt off their back when they are actively using and drinking can be slightly skewed.

The concept is intentional but often comes with a price. The gesture may entail taking someone hostage to get what they need instead of giving the proverbial shirt away as a courtesy. As someone rolls into their sobriety, service work will become more appealing for the right reasons as they are trying to work their recovery program.

They may have never realized before now that being of service to others who are bonded by the common peril of addiction makes being of service life-changing.

Service Is Best Without Expecting Reciprocation

Often when we give to others, we expect to receive recognition, praise, or possibly even a gift. When you are in service for recovery, you are trying to help others because you are trying to change the selfishness and self-centeredness that addiction brought out in you.

Being kind and tolerant of someone else who is having a hard time allows you to show others firsthand the language of the heart. This unity lets others in recovery know that you understand what they have been through and care about their recovery.

Service Is Best for Adjusting Your Moral Compass

You may have been told your whole life that you are the black sheep of the family, and in recovery, you can find the rest of your flock. You are not a bad person. You were a sick person that needed help to stop the insanity of addiction. Being of service allows you to see that you are a good person who is willing to be of service to stay sober.

You were taught right from wrong, but you needed recovery to uncover your spirituality to practice the principles in all your affairs.

Service Is Best When We Think of Others

Addiction made you continuously think about yourself and how you will get your next fix and what will happen to you if you start withdrawing. Now that you are clean and sober, you stop thinking about yourself, so you have more time to put your hand out to others in need.

The significant part of service is that when your goal is to help others, you are also helping yourself to increase your self-worth. To choose to give back what was so freely given to you is important for maintaining long-term sobriety. Instead of thinking of what you can gain from others, you can start thinking about what you can do for others.

You will have to give it away to keep your sobriety going. One person in recovery helping another in recovery is the fundamental principle to keep recovery alive.

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