Preparing for the Storm


Recently the state of Texas experienced an unusual winter storm that impacted a considerable amount of its residents. High snowfall rates and ice caused power outages for millions of people, many of whom went several days with no heat, lights, or ways to cook. While everyone cannot adequately prepare for such a situation, some burdens were eased for those who had extra groceries and items like camping lanterns, generators, and portable power stations. Similar to preparing for weather and other emergencies, prepping for high-stress situations that may test a person’s sobriety can prove helpful, too.

Light Your Way

As powerful as a person often feels when working hard on their recovery from an addiction to alcohol and drugs, there will be days when they feel an “emotional power outage.” It can help to have a list of family and friends to whom they can turn for support. Make sure the list includes people who have a generally positive outlook on life. Loved ones who maintain a strong belief in a person’s ability to stay in recovery are a great resource for cheering them on when they feel stuck at a low point. They can shine a light on past accomplishments and illuminate the path to success ahead.

Keep a List of Helpful Resources

Before moments of doubt or temptations to stray away from recovery crop up, compiling a list of resources that is easily accessible when a person needs emergency support can prove vital. The list can include times and locations of support groups in the area and bookmarked online articles and blogs providing inspiration. If the person has a sponsor, they should make sure they keep their phone number and other contact information on them at all times. If the person attended a residential program for their recovery, keep any inspirational paperwork from their stay handy. Sometimes revisiting past strengths helps empower someone to build on that record.

When people get unexpectedly caught in a winter storm and power outage, they realize how vital it is to be as prepared as possible for an emergency. Detox Center of Colorado helps people struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol rid their bodies from toxins and put a plan in place to stay in recovery. While temptations will occur, being prepared to handle them gives our clients a leg up. Call our beautiful Colorado location today at (303) 952-5035 to find out how we can help you or a loved one begin recovery

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