What Entrepreneurs Can Do For Their Anxiety

What Entrepreneurs Can Do For Their Anxiety

It may seem like entrepreneurs have it all in that they are running successful companies that are making employees and customers happy. In reality, entrepreneurs deal with their anxiety just like other people in that they work long hours, have to run everything 24/7, and are responsible for any problems their companies may face. It is important for entrepreneurs to be in control of their anxiety in order to be able to successfully run a company with a clear mind.

Think of Your Anxiety Triggers

In order to discover what it is that makes you so anxious, it helps to make a list of your triggers. According to entrepreneur Craig Ballantyne, write down in this list the people in your life who reduce your anxiety and the people who increase it. Then, write another list of the people that you spend most of your time with and see if they make your anxiety better or worse as well as your top five goals and values. This can help clear your contacts lists in knowing which people suck the energy out of you, are gossips, or are just overall negative around you. It may feel rude to break ties with all of these people, but your mental health comes first and you should fill that new space with positive people.

Plan Out Your Day

When entrepreneurs have too much freedom, this can lead to bad time-management skills. You can try doing things like setting an alarm to when to go to sleep and another for what time to wake up every day. Your body will become accustomed to this routine and you will have a healthy amount of sleep. If the day starts with something important to do, get that done before checking your emails or you will feel too overwhelmed at all you have to do. Keep doing this every day where you prioritize your tasks from most to least important.

End of the Day Self-Reflection

Before the day is over, think about how your day went today. Ask yourself what made your anxiety go up. Maybe you drank too much coffee or alcohol that it set your nerves on edge. Maybe it is the people you dealt with today. It could have been your emails. By evaluating your day, you will know what you need to change for a more productive day with your company and your mental health.

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