How People with Addiction Can Help in Addiction Research

How People with Addiction Can Help in Addiction Research

It can be hard to conduct addiction treatment studies when you cannot find enough volunteers to participate in the studies. They may not be aware of how beneficial the studies can be for them or are not aware of the studies. If people struggling with addiction take part in these studies, they can help the medical community find more effective methods of treatment and help make a difference.

The Challenges of Finding Volunteer Participants

Only a small amount of people with substance abuse disorders get care from physicians who know about or can connect them to studies. A lot of recruitment for clinical trials in relation to opioid addiction is done through ads that are placed in large opioid centers where patients receive daily doses of methadone. People with addiction might also be afraid of participating in addiction studies in fear of anyone finding out they are struggling with addiction as well as the legal consequences that can come of it. 

People with addiction also do not believe that they have a problem which prevents them from seeking treatment or thinking they belong in these studies. Because people with addiction tend to be unemployed, poor, or homeless, making them lack the transportation to get to the hospital or research center. As studies can take days, weeks, months, or longer to complete, a lot of volunteers cannot complete it.

Benefits of Joining an Addiction Study

As a participant who is struggling with addiction, you will have access to top specialists in treating your addiction and high-quality medical facilities. You would also have the opportunity to have early access to treatments before they come widely available. There is also compensation for your time doing the study as well as some studies reimbursing you for transportation and other expenses. You will have your questions answered and learn more about your disorder. 

You can also feel proud knowing that you are contributing to the scientific community and helping thousands of people around the world suffering from addiction. The reason we have medications like aspirin, antibiotics, blood pressure medications, and cancer treatments is because of those who volunteer their time testing treatments. The same can be said for substance abuse disorder in that you can be making the lives of those struggling with addiction much easier. Make a difference and be a part of bettering the lives of others who are in your shoes.

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