How to Be of Service During Beach Clean-Up Week 

How to Be of Service During Beach Clean-Up Week 

Did you know that there are 370,000 miles of coastline worldwide? Or that 95,471 miles of coastline are on American soil? During the first week of July, beaches in the United States get over 2 million visits due to the July 4th holiday weekend which litters the beaches more than any other time of the year. In lieu of all the pollution that takes place, Beach Clean-up Week was started to help manage the trash on the beaches in order to protect the ocean.

For someone in recovery whose purpose is to be sober, considerate, and helpful can really benefit from this week of service. Not only will taking on a new endeavor in service work be beneficial for the sand, the marine life, and the water for others to enjoy but participating in Beach Clean-Up Week can also help you as well. Instead of getting drunk and loaded laying on the beach, you get to be present for a good cause. Drugs and alcohol will rob you of the chance to do remarkable activities while staying sober allows you to be productive and inspirational by doing things which will be of service to others. 

How do you participate?

Grab a trash bag and get to work! Go to your local beach whether it is at an ocean, lake, river, or pond and start picking up trash. Get some friends involved in your mission to make the beach cleanup more fun and purposeful. This is the type of commitment that you will have to keep yourself accountable because there is no real organizer of this event, just a desire to help keep the beach clean for anyone who wants to get involved.

When do you participate?

July 1st through the 7th is when the beach clean-up is observed in 2019 because of the number of people who visit beaches during this extended holiday. July 4th weekend is known to produce the most amount of liter on the beaches than any other days of the year. Approximately 1,500 pounds of trash is left at beached due to trash cans being full at the beach or visitors not taking what they brought with them back into their cars.

Being of service comes in all forms and helping the environment simultaneously is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Not only will you be doing something for the community, but you can take your mind off your addiction and things that are bothering you by making the beaches nice for the next person. Plus, giving back what was so freely given to you will take you far in your recovery.  

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