Tips to Keep Going When Motivation is Lost in Recovery

Tips to Keep Going When Motivation is Lost in Recovery

Getting burnt out can happen pretty easily in all areas of life especially regarding your sobriety. Doing the same things routinely over and over can make people emotionally drained or mentally exhausted causing motivation to be lost in their recovery. With a few tweaks and some minor changes to your program, you can get motivated again and keep going. 

Change your meetings

You may be used to the same time and same place every week although changing up the people and the perspective will get you to hear new stories and different shares. Changing your meetings can do two things – get you to hear fresh solution or make you appreciate your normal meetings that much more. 

Change your attitude 

Sometimes the unintended negativity you develop may be holding you back with your purpose in recovery. Try using mindfulness, a nightly review inventory, or talking to someone who understands so you can identify the areas to which you need some motivation.

Change your sponsor

This suggestion is a big deal. Changing your sponsor should happen if you are not connecting to her with the steps and with your spirituality, or if you are not moving forward with the work that needs to happen in recovery. Although you could feel completely disloyal with someone who helped you when you could not help yourself, your sobriety has to be your main priority. If your sponsor gets offended or upset with you trying to improve your program, you should question if that is the example of practicing the principles in all your affairs you wish to follow.

Change your pages

Reading the same pages every day could get tedious and possibly boring even though they may have been suggested by your sponsor. To read the same passages over and over could cause you to take the action but not actually read the words anymore. Change up your normal pages and find some new readings to get you inspired. You can go back to the suggested reading in a few days or weeks as a temporary solution.

Change your service work

Having commitments in service is extremely important to your program. Having the same commitments for too long can take the service out of service. Instead of looking forward to being of service to others, you may dread it as a vapid burden. There are countless service commitment to volunteer for and modifying them from time to time is a good idea.

Change is difficult for most people, but change is necessary to benefit from the very things which are supposed to make you feel good. Do not fret the change. Take the time to revel in the excitement in doing something new.  

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