Why Knowing the Problem Does Not Solve It

Why Knowing the Problem Does Not Solve It

Recovery is an action program that requires effort. The reality is once we conclude that we have a problem with drinking or using, this does not mean that we can just quit because we want to. If this were the case, we would have stopped long ago. People who get sober without any help are far and few between especially when it comes to long-term sobriety. In order to stay sober from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, a whole psychic change must take place. 

The obsession 

Drug and alcohol addiction is considered a disease of the brain. Having one drink or hit sets off a chain of events that makes one too many and a thousand not enough. Drinking and using becomes the most important thing that never seems to shut off in the mind. If we could just stop drinking, we would although we usually think we cannot, so we do not even try. Taking tangible recovery actions to calm the imperious urge to drink is imperative or the chances are really high that the obsession will come back again in full force.

The allergy

Plain and simple, those of us who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are allergic to alcohol and drugs. While others can take them and leave them, we do not have this luxury. Once alcohol and drugs are consumed, a craving in the body incites that piggybacks with the obsession making it incredibly tough for us to shut it down without treatment.

Having this knowledge alone is not enough. Getting into action to make cessation a possibility is sufficient to solve the substance abuse dilemma. There will be ups and downs throughout our sobriety, but we have to understand that change is needed to take place for growth to ensue.   

While in theory, we would like to think we could stop on our own, the likelihood of that happening is nil. Finding the treatment that works for our specific needs is imperative and can be ascertained by getting honest that we have a problem and now we need a solution. 

Our first step is to get into treatment to understand how to first live with the termination of our drug and alcohol abuse. Next, learning sober life skills and recovery tools give us the leverage we need to fight against our insidious disease of addiction on a daily basis. Finally, planning our aftercare can give us a much better chance to lower our relapse behavior to live a long and healthy, sober life. 

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