Why Should I Write a Gratitude List?

Why Should I Write a Gratitude List?

One of the suggestions that you may hear while attending a 12-Step meeting is to write a gratitude list every day. The reason why this recommendation works is that you can find a new appreciation for the things that you usually may take for granted. Drugs and alcohol are poison to the heart and the soul that literally suck the life out of your true pleasure and passion. A gratitude list can give you an opportunity to gain all your contentment and enjoyment back little by little through simply listing out on paper, or through your keyboard, the things that make you grateful. 

Look for things to be grateful for

Your sobriety, your kids, your significant other, or your job are blessings which are a given. You should challenge yourself to look for things that you notice throughout the day to be thankful for. If you get a front row parking space, jot it down. When you enjoy a beautiful rainbow in the sky or a butterfly flies by your nose, put those things down. Receiving a sobriety token that was passed down to you from someone you look up to in your recovery is another great example to get on your list. By being grateful throughout your entire day, you can then feel redeemed by the things you already have such as family, and gratefully staying sober one more day. 

Be grateful in the moment

You may see things that make you happy and feel free now that you are seeing through sober eyes. With your new pair of glasses, you will develop a new perspective and see things that you have may not have noticed before from establishing gratitude into your life. Say a thank you on the spot to give notice to the universe, whether verbally saying thank you to yourself or writing out a gratitude list, for the kindness people are showing you, for the naturistic beauty you get to view, or for your newfound recovery conditions. 

Taking the time for gratitude will lead you to an altruistic and peaceful life that you may have never realized was achievable. You can learn the real purpose of why you were meant to get sober. A gratitude list may seem tedious, but until you try doing it, you will miss out on the grateful life that you deserve in your recovery. 

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