Do Meeting Makers Really Make It?

Do Meeting Makers Really Make It?

Those of us who attend 12-Step meetings have probably heard that “meeting makers make it,” but is that really true? Can you really stay sober by attending meetings? The answer to this question is not as cut and dry as you might think because everyone’s program has to be suited just for them. Even though you may have been told that you are not unique, your program will not be conducted exactly like the next person. Although you may be taking the same strides to stay sober by working the steps with a sponsor, connecting to your Higher Power, being of services, and by going to meetings, your program is still particular to you. 

Attending meetings is suggested to be a part of any recovery equation. Even though success in sobriety is typically linked to going to meetings, there are some people that do not go to meetings at all that do stay sober. The probability of those who do not go to meetings staying sober poses a higher risk of relapse, but there is no statistic that shows this to be 100 percent true. Data for the phrase “meeting makers make it” comes from the research that people who continue to relapse have provided. 

The Research

When members of 12-Step programs share about their research “from going back out there,” their analysis typically starts with, “I stopped going to meetings.” This explanation may simple in fact, but there is much more that entails these five words. Someone who stops going to meetings will commonly lose touch with their recovery over the time they are away. First, they stop going to meetings and then they stop calling others in the program, including their sponsor. Without any accountability left to anyone, they stop using the tools that help them to stay sober and connect to their Higher Power which leaves them without a defense against that first drink or drug.  

The Relapse

Someone without any recovery tools in place could talk themselves out of believing that they have a problem. Their wreckage has been cleaned up. They have a new lease on life that may lead them back to their old ways because addiction distracts them into thinking that they can handle drinking or using again. The problem is that eventually, their substance abuse will start right back to where it once was because addiction is a progressive disease. 

You might be blown away that all of this could happen from just not going to meetings, although this sadly happens all the time. If you take anything away from “meeting makers make it,” just remember that you have to be as active in your recovery as you were in your addiction, or your addiction will win every single time. 

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