Do 12-Step Programs Really Fight Addiction?

Do 12-Step Programs Really Fight Addiction?

One of the main questions that are asked when it comes to 12-Step programs is whether or not they really work. 12-Step programs, which are meant to be anonymous often get a bad rap because of the people who have not stayed anonymous and have gone on to relapse which gives the impression that the program does not work. In order for the program to truly work for a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, they need to be willing to make changes and take suggestions that will inevitably give them freedom from their substance abuse.  

Take some direction

What you were doing in your addiction will not work for you in your recovery. You must learn to think differently to spar against the obsession and cravings that will plague you in the beginning stages of cessation. Being vulnerable with someone who has once been where you are and can give you some insight as to what they are doing to stay sober can be instrumental. 

Make the change

The only thing that you will have to change is everything. This may render you hopeless in your recovery because you know change is difficult, but the truth is that the changes you will implement into your daily life will no doubt make you feel better if you give it time. Although drugs and alcohol made you feel good at one time during your addiction, trying to keep up with your tolerance and forego withdrawals takes a lot of effort to maintain. Getting clean and sober will be one of the best changes you can make in your life.

Awake your spirituality

Many people think drugs and alcohol get you closer to God. We beg to differ because being sober gives you the reality of a spiritual experience – not a mind-altering possibly hallucinated occurrence. Focus on getting connected to a power greater than yourself through working the steps and using meditation and prayer to guide you.

Actualizing sobriety with a 12-Step program will give you the support that you need to get on the right track. The mainstay of a 12-Step program is unity which allows everyone to relate in their shame and guilt that evolves into experience, strength, and hope. Long-term sobriety is difficult to achieve all by yourself because no one can easily maintain their sobriety all alone. Stay involved in your 12-Step program and you will see the difference the program can make in your recovery.

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