Tips to Going Back to School in Sobriety

Tips to Going Back to School in Sobriety

August is known as the “back to school” month for thousands of schools and colleges around the country. People of all ages attempt to elevate their education by enrolling in school in the hopes of reaching their next academic level. Now that you are sober and trying to better your life, you may be interested in going back to school and are uncertain whether it is a good choice for you or not. You could be searching for your purpose beyond what you need in recovery to expand your horizons professionally and financially which could be as simple as getting certified in a certain area or all the way to getting a degree in a certain field.

With school on your mind, you might be paralyzed with fear on how to execute you into school admissions. You could feel as though you do not belong around other students with your seedy background or think that you cannot handle the pressures of suiting and showing up for school. The thing is that if you are getting an intuition that you need to go to school, maybe you should give it a try. Anything worthwhile in life should be given some consideration to especially if it will better your life.

Knowledge is power 

Taking the initiative to get into school to learn new skills, to assimilate new information, and articulate the mission for your career path will give you a leg up in becoming more successful. When you gain more insight as to what you want to do “when you grow up” and educate yourself more in the line of work you are doing, you can make huge strides in your self-esteem and hopefully with your pocketbook.  

Be a student of life

Even if you think you know everything about what you are doing, taking time to get a new perspective from new books, professors, or other professionals will help you. There is no way to learn everything there is to know about your career path. With trends constantly changing, you will have to continue to learn for the rest of your days to keep up with your field. School is certainly the place to be inciteful and to be gracious enough to listen to what others may know that you do not. 

School may not be for everyone, but there is always a way to learn more in a schoolhouse no matter what your age is if you that is where you are being called. Take time to go on campus or onto the online campus to see how you can continue educating yourself in the right manner. Sobriety is all about growing in the right direction and school is still cool. 

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