Skills to Keeping Going During a Crisis 

Skills to Keeping Going During a Crisis 

Life is full of ups and downs that no one can ever foresee. Some circumstances can be avoided through organizing, planning, and being on top of your game. Other events, good or bad, can come completely out of left field without knowing how to navigate through them especially when something becomes a crisis.

Get prepared

When fear sets in and you have put no plan into place, knowing where to go or what to do can cause you to make bad decisions. If you are in an area where tornados happen, for example, do a little research so that when one comes roaring through, you can follow a set of guidelines you have set up for yourself instead of panicking. Although you cannot anticipate situations like a tornado, a fire, a bomb threat, an overdose, or a suicide attempt, you can preset your mindset to get into action before anything even happens.

Get connected

During a crisis, there is no time to think. What if you do not have an internet connection on your phone? How will you know who to call? Who should you reach out to? Instead of questioning these things, you can input them into your phone beforehand. Program numbers into your phone such as the local police department, poison control, suicide hotline, and 911. Use the resources that are offered to you so that you can feel connected. 

Get calm

Rather than blame amid a crisis, focus on the task at hand to resolve your conflict. Concentrate on everyone’s safety and doing what your Higher Power wants you to do to get through this difficult time. Getting distracted by paranoia from others who are afraid can happen very easily, but if you push through this terrible time like a boss, you will be helping yourself and others to remain as calm, cool, and collected as they can. You can set the tone and exude tranquility by simply not letting the crisis have power over you.

Crisis will happen to you – it is inevitable. How you handle the crisis is the most important part of getting through it and you will be better for it by handling yourself in a positive manner. 

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