Does Accountability Even Work?

Does Accountability Even Work?

One of the concepts of recovery comes from the accountability that is suggested to keep you on track in your sobriety. Without accountability, you may find that your obsessive state of mind could lead you back to the drink or the drug that you have fought so hard to stop consuming. Accountability comes in a few different ways if you so choose to accept your mission in recovery. 


  • Finding a sponsor to check in with daily.
  • Getting connected in a meeting where they will miss you if you do not show up.
  • Creating some recovery friendships to encourage each other on the same path.
  • Taking a commitment in a meeting to keep you motivated to attend.
  • Showing up to meet with your sponsor weekly to work your steps.
  • Connecting to your Higher Power to invite them into your day.
  • Making a commitment to suit and show up for life.


These are a few of the suggestions that can help you grow in your sobriety by just being accountable to your recovery program. The point is not to overwhelm yourself with too many things to check off a list but to give you ways to stay plugged into a life-changing, life-saving program of recovery. You might find yourself leery of how much effort you think it takes to be sober. The truth is that staying sober is much easier by using these accountability measures to help each other out and here how it works. 

Strength comes in numbers.

If you were to try to get sober all by yourself, there is no doubt that you would find everything that is meant to make you feel better grueling. Being accountable is all about encouraging each other, inspiring each other, and giving someone else a reason to show up for you and vice versa. The fact is that a group of people has more influence than one person who stands alone. 

Action comes from a plan. 

Take time to write down or input into a digital calendar the things that you are trying to accomplish. Part of the process of having a plan gives you the direction to better your goals. At this very moment, one of your present goals is to stay sober one day at a time. To make this a reality, you must do the things that will enhance your sobriety such as working the steps, calling your sponsor or going to a meeting. These are all things to add to your plan of action which can help you build onto the success of your program. 

Growth comes from a challenge.

You may feel different from others because of your addiction but if you look at your recovery as a chance to grow, you will improve your life through the challenge of it all. This may completely overwhelm you which is kind of the point of accountability. Through all your efforts and the help of others, your confidence will exponentially encounter huge strides of growth. Instead of being self-centered, you will be challenged with thinking of others first which will become second nature. Doing what you say you are going to do is also something that comes from growth in accountability and will skyrocket your integrity into the fourth dimension. The opportunities that will arise from accountability will blow your mind and provide many gifts of sobriety that you were not expecting.  

Direction comes from desperation.

One of the reasons people decide that they will take direction in sobriety is because they have the gift of desperation which propels them to go to any lengths to stay sober. Sound familiar? Maybe you were trying to avoid jail, got sick and tired of being sick and tired, decided that you want to live rather than die, and realized you felt desperate enough to finally get some positive direction in your life. This direction in recovery will keep you in line and give you a path to follow that you might not have otherwise found on your own. 

Accountability is not something that may come naturally for you because you may not like someone else telling you what to do. Find someone with whom you want to emulate spiritually and be willing to do what they do. Instead of looking at accountability as something you have to do, realize that you get to do these things in recovery because you know that it will give you better results and better your life in sobriety. 

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