How to Fall into Place in Your Recovery

How to Fall into Place in Your Recovery

Now that summer is screeching to halt after going by so quickly, you are about to embark into the Fall season. The great thing about Fall is this “back to school” time is a way for people to reset and reboot their life. January and September are months that both give people motivation to make some changes with their priorities. The first of the year and the beginning of a new school year is a way to clean the slate and start over fresh. This time of the year is really instrumental in jumpstarting the different aspects of your life such as setting goals at your job, spending more time with your family, revamping your exercise regiment, or most importantly, renew your efforts in your program.

Reinstate a purpose

Make sure you know what you are doing and why you are doing. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, you can find yourself getting off track and stop doing the things which enlarge your purpose.  When “shiny things” continue to distract you from what you should be doing, you are the only one who can make the changes to refocus on your purpose. The thing to remember is that your purpose will vary from time to time. Your sobriety, for instance, is all about staying sober, but what you centralize on can fluctuate depending on your stage of life. Think about your purpose of staying sober so you can reinstate the facets of your program that you know you could do a better job at. 

Prioritize the days

One of the reasons that life becomes unbalanced over the summer months is because you probably became lax on vacation or were constantly on the go. Fall is the perfect time to start putting some symmetry back into place and start following a schedule again. Decide what it is that you are trying to accomplish in your life. For your recovery, you may need to go to more meetings or make sure that you are staying current with your Tenth Step. Begin doing the things that you know will enhance your sobriety rather than keep depreciating it. Be honest about what you should prioritize, and then get busy following through.

Be disciplined

The only way to create a habit is to keep doing the same thing repeatedly and why not start today? For discipline to work, you must be committed to whatever your purpose is and start making it your priority. Once you do that, you will become intentional about going to any lengths in your sobriety. Doing the deal instead of being complacent will help you to continue to grow into the person you are supposed to be and who you have wanted to be all along.

Get support

There is loads of evidence that shows that being encouraged by others will provide you an inspiration that you probably will not discover on your own. Find a person or a group that you relate to and start trying to connect within your recovery. Pledge to do 90 meetings in 90 days together. Start texting a daily list to one another of the ten things you are grateful for. Start your own book study at your house so you can read the solution together and then hear other’s opinions of the literature. Get creative in how you recondition yourself into recovery and then let others follow your lead. Life was not meant to be walked alone and fortunately for you, you will find a host of recovery friends who will want to lift you up and join in your endeavors to reaffirm what is truly important. 

Gotta have faith

Part of staying sober is putting faith into your Higher Power to help you get through life without trying to control everything yourself. To get things in order, you need to add some time to get direction from your Higher Power through introspection. This does not mean that you have to become religious. This just means that you need to take some time to get connected to a power greater than yourself. Whether you use mindfulness, yoga, or any other holistic therapies to help you out, try something that will help you grow into your faith. By using faith for your sobriety, you can keep your eye on the prize of trying to revitalize your life into the direction you need to be going in recovery. 

Fall is a great time to redirect yourself into becoming responsible and organized again after a fun summer. Although the joy you had during summer break was great, getting back into the groove of life in recovery will make you feel even more amazing than you could have ever thought.

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