Why are Milestones so Motivating? 

Why are Milestones so Motivating? 

12-Step meetings are known for presenting tokens for different lengths of sobriety, such as 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, or years, to celebrate continuous recovery. Sobriety is not an easy way of life for many and part of the method in recovery programs is unity with others who have experienced similar circumstances during the throes of addiction. Although hearing the solution is the mainstay of meetings, a chip ceremony adds an exciting acknowledgment to recognize the effort it takes to stay sober. Many people do not like the idea of getting up in front of the group to talk about “how they did it” and why they continue to keep going in their recovery, but the reasoning behind why this process is so motivating can be found here. 

You are inspiring others

Even if you think 30 days is not a long time to be sober, the person who has 3 days sober could be in awe of how you were able to put that time together. Telling those who have less time, and even those who have more time how you did it, will give them an opportunity to applaud your efforts. People who became sober before you will be excited about the work you are putting into your recovery. Your milestone is a way for them to remember what a miracle it was for them to get sober – which means you are a miracle too.

You are reminding others

Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful and can take someone out of sobriety just like that. Being prepared for relapse is important and letting others know what it was like and what it is like now is the cornerstone to relapse prevention. Sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others reminds people of their primary purpose – to help others to achieve sobriety. 

You are receiving accolades from others

Many meetings give tokens, marbles, keychains, or kind words as a memento of staying sober. Although you were probably taught the principle of humility and to not toot your own horn, in recovery we want to celebrate your milestones as an appreciation for helping us to stay sober with your shares and service. This is a “we” program and the program would be boring if we only shared the bad times of our disease. We need a mixture of the good and the bad to balance out the true reality of recovery. 

The moral is the story is to be proud of each one of your milestones in your recovery and be willing to share them with us. Staying sober is a really big deal and should be recognized as one of the greatest accomplishments of your life. 

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