Do I Need a Staycation Now that School Has Started?

Do I Need a Staycation Now that School Has Started?

Now that school is in full swing, you may be second-guessing your excitement to start school this year. You were happy to reunite with your classmates, but the tests, homework, and the loss of your free time may be getting you down and could push you to abuse drugs and alcohol to cope. No need to get inebriated to get you through your anxiety. You got this! All you need to do is use a few stress-relievers to impose a “staycation” to help you relax on the spot.

Determine the cause of your anxiety

Getting to the root of where your anxiety is coming from is imperative. By discovering what is making you apprehensive about school, you can then apply corrective measures to make your schooling more appealing. Is someone making you feel insecure such as a teacher or a student? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the workload? Did something happen at home that makes you feel like going back to school is not a good idea? If you can say “yes” to any of these questions, you should beeline to your school counselor to get a resolution to any problems before you decide that drugs and alcohol are a good choice. Having a solution in place can take away your stress and help to refocus your efforts on school. 

Find activities to curb your anxiety

To live a life without anxiety is impossible but using tools that help you get rid of yours is doable. Some key aspects of stress-relief are probably already things that have been suggested for you to do in your recovery program. Journaling, meditation, mindfulness, taking a walk, breathing, and being of service are some of the best ways to stop the anxiety. Another way to relieve your stress that often gets overlooked is laughter. You will get a natural high from the endorphins that are produced with a hearty chuckle which proves laughter is still the best medicine. These activities are great ways to discard your unwanted stress while understanding how to use these tools to your benefit. Everyone is different and what works for someone else may not work for you. Discerning which one of these tools can assist you during a stressful time can completely change your ongoing experience at school.

Education is important whether you just started Kindergarten or you trying to get your master’s degree and drugs and alcohol can certainly impede that education. Implementing these sober stress-relievers in lieu of being under the influence already shows that you are one smart cookie. 

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