How to Migrate into Your Sobriety 

How to Migrate into Your Sobriety 

For recovery to work, change must take place which means everything in your life must go through a transformation. In other words, a complete migration into sobriety has to take place. The word migration is defined as “movement from one part of something to another”. Migration is often visualized as birds flying south for the winter which may not make sense for how this relates to your sobriety. Through getting sober, you must migrate into a totally new lifestyle through the cessation of drugs and alcohol. You must move from a life of drug and alcohol abuse to a life of recovery which is not as difficult as it might seem.

Ask for help

The likelihood of you being able to stay sober for the long-term on your own is almost impossible. Not to say there are not people who have done it all on their own, but they do not have the benefits of tools, support, and principles to guide them in a healthy manner. By simply asking for help, you are establishing a vulnerability that will allow you to receive the help that you need which is the best way of getting sober

Do what is asked

To get sober, you must go to any lengths in your recovery. Nobody will probably tell you that getting sober is easy, but they will tell you that their quality of life immensely improved when they started working the program the way it is intended. All you need is a tiny bit of willingness to do the things that have worked for so many people who have managed to stay sober. 

Get back up when you fall

You should be open-minded to the fact that you will not work a perfect program – no one ever has. There will be mistakes that you will make that could feel like a setback in the progression of your recovery. Gain an understanding of what will provoke you back into your addiction and what your cravings are. Relapse prevention is crucial to understand along with taking the good with the bad because, with this knowledge, you can discover your strength in staying sober. 

Migrating into your sobriety is extremely important to commit to. The initiative of “it takes what it takes” is the driving force in your choice to migrate your sobriety into the life you have always wished for.  

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