Does Detox Center of Colorado Offer Neurofeedback?

Does Valiant Living Offer Neurofeedback?

Now that mental health and addiction is a mainstay in our culture, there are have been therapies that have been offered more readily. Neurofeedback is one of those innovative therapies that has created some breakthroughs in people’s lives that helped them tremendously with their struggles in addiction and in mental health which are beneficial in the recovery world. 

The technology of Neurofeedback is based on using an EEG to map out the brain to inquire about what is working and what needs help with cognitive functioning. Learning to regulate the brain can then, in turn, help someone who has been struggling with mental health issues or addiction into fixing the specific malfunction and returning them back into a mentally healthy state.


Since addiction is medically considered a brain disease that cannot be stabilized through self-will or knowledge, Neurofeedback can increase the rate of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Although Neurofeedback is not standalone when it comes to recovering from addiction, when this therapy is applied with a 12-Step program and other recovery measures, there tend to be improved relapse prevention methods. Changing behaviors is difficult for some who will not comprehend the process of recovery and also experience instability in early sobriety. Neurofeedback helps an individual to literally wrap their brain around recovery through effectively training their mind to accept cessation.

Mental Health

Neurofeedback can also help with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. What needs to be understood about mental health issues is that these are not the cause of brain dysregulation but merely the symptom of a bigger problem. This is where Neurofeedback becomes so important because the EEG of the brain can help to pinpoint the specific pathways which are deregulated or activated incorrectly which allows the discovery of the symptoms to help find the appropriate solution to alleviate them.  

Elliott Burke, our housing manager here at Valiant Living, has begun offering Neurofeedback therapy with equipment rented from BrainPaint. The technology uses EEG Neurofeedback to help with sleep, stress reduction, post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and self-soothing. BrainPaint is a leading branded technology in the Neurofeedback treatment industry and we are pleased to offer this technology to our clients. 

If you would like to get more information on Neurofeedback, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to help those in need, and we stand behind Neurofeedback as a promising solution. 

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