Can the Decluttering Trend Apply to Recovery?

Can the Decluttering Trend Apply to Recovery?

Getting rid of the things that no longer bring you joy by either dropping them off at a consignment store or posting them on the Offer Up app to make some quick cash is all the rage. Part of the process is purging your junk so that you can have a real appreciation for your belongings that are necessities, ones that still give you space to breathe, and things that are sentimentally in place. 

In relation to your recovery, this trend can also correlate with how your insides should be organized. Not your organs and bodily systems, but rather how your emotions, principles, and inner strength should all be in place to help you to have a solid program. Obviously, this is merely a goal to try to achieve because recovery is about progress rather than perfection but here is how you can get the ball rolling to declutter yourself.

Be willing

The first step in changing anything is the willingness to do so. Willingness is one of those principles that you just a little bit of that can steamroll into something huge after seeing the results you get. Even if you just pray for the willingness to be willing – to be willing, you just need to start somewhere and let your willingness take you to the next level. 

Work the 12-Steps

Step work is instrumental in helping you transform into the person you were meant to be in your sobriety. Want to stop getting so upset about the past? Start figuring out what your patterns are in relationships, why you are so fearful, and how to stop being so resentful just by working your steps. Want to live by spiritual principles? Use the steps to start learning how to be a better person by doing the right thing fueled by the spiritual principles that are suggested in a 12-Step program. Honesty, integrity, and brotherly love are just a few of the principles that cause you joy from living by them. Want to build your inner strength? Your self-esteem and confidence have taken a blow from your addiction that can be rebuilt with some work in your recovery. The steps can teach you how to find your part in situations so you can stop sweating the small stuff and learn how to navigate the big stuff much better. 

Your emotional and mental state no longer has to suffer. Declutter all your inner strife so that you can be happy, joyous, and free in your recovery.   

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