I Got Injured and My Doctor Want to Prescribe me Drugs. What Do I Do?

I Got Injured and My Doctor Want to Prescribe me Drugs. What Do I Do?

There may be a time where you find yourself injured enough to where you need to seek medical attention. During your doctor’s appointment, they let you know what your prognosis is and ask you your level of pain. In answering this question, your doctor could at this point decide to give you a script for prescription drugs that could be mind-altering and not a good idea for your recovery of drugs and alcohol

Be up Front 

Let your doctor know that you are in recovery and have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You need to tell your doctor everything about what your body is dealing with or you could be setting yourself up to relapse. Without giving your doctor all the information, they could give you something that unintentionally which sparks a craving for drugs or alcohol. Doctors are meant to help you and by being dishonest, you could be putting both your quality of life at risk. 

Be Knowledgeable

First and foremost, before you take anything, you should study up to find out if the drug has any psychoactive ingredients or side effects that could mess with your recovery. Although medical professionals have experience and education, you oversee what you put in your body. Being informed will help you to make a quality decision that will give insight into your one day at a time. 

Be Open

If you get an uneasy feeling about prescription drugs, get a second opinion. Go see another doctor so you can gain the best perspective for both your physical and recovery needs. You should also include your sponsor and your therapist into the mix since they have your best interest at heart and are there to keep you accountable. The more people you are honest with and run your life situations by, the better your chances are of making the best overall determination of what you should or should not put in your body when it comes to a doctor’s orders. Even if you would take the prescriptions exactly the way they are prescribed, they may not be the best thing for your recovery. 

When you get injured, you need to do something to help you recover from your afflictions while also being prepared to continue recovering from your addiction. Take into consideration what could happen and what should happen so you can heal in more ways than one. 

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