Tips to Stay Sober with the Holidays on the Horizon

Tips to Stay Sober with the Holidays on the Horizon

If this is your first time being sober over the holidays, you could be in some major fear of the unknown. You probably associate the holidays with alcohol-induced work parties, receiving wine at your gift exchanges, or family gatherings with eggnog – and not the nonalcoholic kind. With alcohol and drugs seemingly everywhere your holiday festivities are, you may need to take a look at some ways to stay sober this holiday season

Change your plans

Rather than put yourself into a place to relapse, make other plans. You may have had the same traditions for decades, but in early sobriety, you have to put your sobriety first. Foregoing time with your family and friends who are still drinking and using is important to protect all that you have worked so hard for in your recovery. Fill your holiday with sober events that propel you into the new year turning a new leaf. Even though you may miss some of your normal holiday events this year, just remember there is always next year when you will be stronger and wiser in your recovery. 

Find your plans

There are a ton of sober functions you can attend. From sober holiday parties with people in the fellowship to marathon meetings, there are events that can meet your every need. When you cannot find something that replaces a family gathering or a friend’s gift exchange, host your own! Plan a potluck with everyone’s best holiday dish and do a white elephant gift exchange.  Even if you do not have a location, you can invite sober friends to the bowling alley for a holiday bowl or get a sober group together to catch a holiday classic at the movie theatre. Be creative and have some sober holiday fun! 

Remember your relapse prevention plan

Nobody is responsible for your sobriety except for you and no one can have power over your recovery if you do not let them. There is never a good reason to give up on your sobriety to go back to the horribleness that occurs in the throes of your addiction. Keep your relapse prevention plan at the forefront of your mind so that you can keep moving forward with your recovery measures. 

You can totally stay sober this holiday season with a little planning. Approach each day one day at a time and before you know it, you will have made it through the holidays maintaining the same sobriety date you started with. 

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