Will Going to Rehab Finally Cure My Addiction?

Will Going to Rehab Finally Cure My Addiction?

One of the misconceptions of finally receiving the help you need to get sober is that now that you are sober, you are cured of drug and alcohol use. What you need to understand is there is no cure from addiction. Once you have an addiction, you will always have an addiction – similar to what happens to a pickled cucumber. If a cucumber is marinated in brine, it is turned into a pickle that can never return back to the state of a cucumber. 

This is also true of a person who is abuses drugs and alcohol. Once their brain is “pickled” by drugs and alcohol into addiction, they can never safely pick up these substances again. While this statement is often disputed, many people cannot come back from the allergy of the body they experience or the obsession of the mind that gets provoked by the first drink or drug consumed. They find that once they start, it is impossible to stop on their own means. They must receive help or receive treatment from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. 

What happens in rehab?

After you detox and go through intake, you will be put into the hands of some people who really want to guide you into a sober path. By understanding on why you have an addiction, discerning the deep-rooted causes and conditions of your addiction, and gaining support in your recovery, sobriety can ensue. Taking the time and the effort to change your thinking and your behavior is crucial to new beginnings in your recovery. 

What does rehab do?

Rehab assists in resetting your life to give you direction on how to stay sober. Addiction often isolates someone and makes them think the life they are living is normal. Rehab shows you what a sober life can be like and how to live in recovery once you leave the safe environment provided in treatment. Understanding your cravings and what tools to use once you get back into the real world will be beneficial for sober survival.

You must understand what it means to recover before you can attempt it. As of today, there is no cure for addiction but there are aspects of recovery that can guide you into cessation. Therapy, addiction education, recovery tools, and support are what you will be acquiring in rehab to help you arrest your addiction and remain sober. 

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