How Do I Achieve Mindfulness in My Recovery?

How Do I Achieve Mindfulness in My Recovery?

One of the methods that helps someone to stay sober is to find the peace that they have been searching for. Turning to drugs and alcohol is often a way that people try to find solace from the pressures they feel in their life. What happens to someone who suffers from an addiction, is the drugs and alcohol will eventually turn on them, and instead of taking the edge off, pandemonium ensues without a defense to contain it. Even when a person gets sober, there is still some amount of chaos that occurs because of the fear of the unknown and the necessary changes that need to be made to stay sober. 

Using meditation can be a welcomed process to help you navigate through the difficult circumstances that could lead you back to using and drinking. Rather than sit in the negativity, you could become part of the present moment by taking some time in meditation. Some people do not use meditation because they are scared of it and are unsure how to approach it. Meditation is usually considered a religious practice when in reality, meditation is simply a way to express spirituality. Anyone who practices meditation can make it whatever they want it to be. If you are using meditation in line with religion, then there are probably are some rules to follow to accomplish to be religiously correct. If you are using it for spiritual purposes, you can do whatever it takes to get you into a state of mindfulness without worrying about doing it wrong. 

The misconception

What most people think about meditation is that you have to sit upright with their legs crisscrossed and the thumb and the middle finger pressed together while chanting “uhm”. They may also believe that the time of day which is best for meditation is in the morning to better connect to a Higher Power. All of these may be great ways to meditate, but whatever way you personally connect to a Higher Power is the best way for you to do it. Throw out any ideas that are holding you back from trying meditation and start with whichever way makes you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong way to meditate unless you disregard it completely which will cheat yourself out of doing something beneficial for your recovery. 

The method

Mindfulness can be achieved through various means of mediation. Music, sitting in nature, guided meditation from an app, yoga, and even running are all ways that a transcendental state can be reached. Everyone is different in their approach to how meditation works for them. Trying different ways to understand what gets you to a peaceful and easy feeling in your core will give you the ability to know what works best for you. You may even discover that a few different methods work for different situations. The best thing you can do, however, is to find some form of mindfulness that can help soothe you spiritually. 

The practice

Again, how you practice meditation could affect you differently depending on what is going on in your life. Being consistent in your routine is what is the most important aspect of meditation. Even if you only did meditation once a month you will reap the benefits, but the more you can implement it into your daily life, the more tranquil you will become. Through using meditation regularly, including when you find yourself in a situation of discord, you may find that you automatically use your practice of meditation to get you back into the right perspective. Some people use the same method at the same time at the same place every day, but you can do whatever works best for your serenity. Practicing anything makes you become better at what you are attempting to try, and meditation is not different. Your mediation will continue to evolve over time if you continually chase the results that started from that very first minute you began. 

The results

Meditation heeds amazing results that will soothe, relax, and pause the soul to trickle into all areas of your life. Most people think that mindfulness only improves spirituality although meditation also positively affects the mind and body. Stress can be relieved, depression and anxiety can be minimized, your mental focus can be enhanced, some sicknesses can be avoided, and certain ailments can possibly be reversed through taking some time each week to sit in mindfulness. Not to mention, that meditation just feels good. If you are practicing true meditation, then you will be better in the results overall.   

Take time to put meditation into action and you will be glad you did. The power of spirituality has the ability to really take off with the simple act of mindfulness.

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