What to Expect in 2020 with Your Recovery

What to Expect in 2020 with Your Recovery

Happy New Year everybody! This year is sure to be a great one especially if you continue to navigate the road to a happy destiny. Recovery is the best choice you can make to live a healthy and prosperous life that most people desire to renew as the New Year comes.

Over the past 7 decades, the recovery world has come a long way with the fight for the lives of those who battle addiction and suffer from mental health issues. Breaking the stigma along with the expanding compassion for those who are sick from drugs or alcohol addictions, and mental health will help everyone who is affected begin to heal. Here is what you can look forward to this year in regards to recovery.

More Resources

With each passing year, the resources that are offered in recovery and in mental health have continued to become more useful. More resources continue to become available thanks to technology. Online recovery meetings, podcasts, blogs, research studies, statistics, and documentaries have allowed the public to understand more about addiction and mental health. The greater the knowledge, the greater the span of people who can be assisted.

New Hotline

As there is 911 for emergencies, this year will introduce 988 for suicide prevention. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has used 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for years but the stigma of calling a “business” number could hold someone back from calling if they are in a bad way and still have to look up a number. With the Federal Communications Commission implementing 988 over the next several months, their hope is to give a household name to 988 for suicide prevention just like 911 is every other emergency.

Better support

The negative stigma surrounding issues such as addiction, depression, and suicide has continued to lessen as people have become open to therapy, interventions, and support groups to better help their loved ones who are suffering. Once family and friends learn more about the “why” of these circumstances, they are better at the “how” to manage the situation. Instead of enabling and staying codependent, everyone has a chance to deal with the solution rather than stay in the problem.

For someone who is already in recovery, they have given themselves the amazing gift of sobriety and can help to carry the message to others. If you are brand new or still trying to figure out where you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, more opportunities will continue to open for you this New Year. Keep coming back as they say and make this the sober best year ever.

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