Will Recovery Suggestions Really Save My Life?

Will Recovery Suggestions Really Save My Life?

A mainstay of recovery is being willing to take suggestions and put them into action. The only problem with this process is that most people do not like to be told what to do. Someone in recovery, however, needs to go to any lengths to stay sober which entails taking suggestions to do so. Taking direction from someone who has walked down the spiritual path of sobriety or from a healthcare professional might be the deciding factor to help you heal in your recovery.

Decide if you want to be right or be free.

Part of the problem of getting sober is a person’s ego could be in the way of finding the solution to their problem with drugs and alcohol. If you come in close-minded and are sure you already know what is in store, you are doing a disservice to yourself by not letting you exhibit the growth that is vital in recovery. Even if you have relapsed and know the program backward and forwards, you could be missing out on something new that could help you to stay sober. 

Decide if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Concluding that you cannot go on like this any longer does not necessarily mean that you will quit drinking and using them for good. You must take action to get you out from under and how else will you know what to do than to do what others who came before you have done? What you are currently doing in your addiction is not working so taking the suggestions from people who you can relate to, have felt the way you have felt, and are nonjudgmental to your situation can lead you to become healthy in your recovery.  

Decide if you can find HOW.

All it takes to get and stay sober is some willingness to do the next indicated step. Do not worry. You do not have to take suggestions from just anyone who gives them. Find a sponsor or a therapist who can guide you into making better decisions and be inclined to do what they ask, even if it seems foolish or embarrassing. Your HOW – Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness – can dictate the direction that is necessary for life-changing moments to occur. 

Most people need help to get sober and then stay sober. Humbling yourself to stop being in control and letting others guide you in the right direction will be beneficial to your long-term recovery. Suggestions for your recovery could be the very thing that saves your life.

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