Tips to Prevent the Gifts of the Program Taking You Out

Tips to Prevent the Gifts of the Program Taking You Out

Now that you have been sober for a little bit, you may begin to see things happen that you never thought you would again. The promises of recovery are coming true and the things that made you feel bad about your addiction, seem so far away from where you are at in your life today.

Relationships begin to heal, job offers start coming in, and you feel healthier than you have in a long time. When you realize your life has improved now that you no longer use and drink, taking for granted where you came from can take you right back into your addiction. Relapse can become a factor when you are focusing on the gifts of the program rather than consistently utilizing the very thing that gave you your life back – your recovery. 

Remember your pain.

Keeping your past fresh in your mind without regret is a formidable asset intended to keep you grounded when you think you “got this”. This does not mean to allow your self-pity to take over into shame and guilt. This means to remember the demoralizing pain you encountered with your addiction and know that you never have to feel that way again. 

Remember your worth.

Drinking and using will strip away any confidence you have and make you feel like you are insignificant in the world. What is so ironic with how much drugs and alcohol take away from your self-esteem is the deceptive feelings they give you when you first drink or use them. You probably felt like you could do anything with their instant courage. Drugs and alcohol may have made you feel smarter, funnier, better looking, and confident in the beginning, but most likely they made you feel worse over time because of the lengths you had to go to obtain them. Now if you take that same desire and go to any lengths to stay sober, you will truly see your worth by all the effort you are making to be a better person.

Remember your fellowship.

Giving back what was so freely given to you in your recovery is a huge way to stay humble. Service work is always a great way to be grateful for the things you have and keep you from getting too haughty. Helping less fortunate people can establish gratitude and allow you to see how far you have really come.  

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