Why Can’t My Loved One Just Stop Using and Drinking?

Why Can’t My Loved One Just Stop Using and Drinking?

A frequent question that people who do not suffer from an addiction ponder is why someone who does battle addiction will not simply stop drinking and using cold turkey. The obviousness of their awful consequences does not register as to why they would continue to keep doing what they are doing when they keep getting what they are getting. 

If you have found yourself wondering what the answer to this question is, comprehending why achieving sobriety is such a difficult task is more complex than you may realize. There is much more to consider than to just stop drinking alcohol or using drugs in a conventional way. Here is what you need to know.

The switch

A person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol cannot manage controlled consumption. Once any alcohol or drugs whatsoever gets into the body, there is a switch that flips on that typically cannot be flipped back off once the phenomenon of craving kicks in. What you see is a slurring, falling down, emotional person who should stop using and drinking. What is happening on the inside of them is an active brain telling them that they need just one more and then one more, and even more until they blackout or pass out. They cannot just say “no” without getting help to stop because most need a program to guide them through their sobriety and understand the obsession of the mind and the allergy of the body. 

The craving

Once someone becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, their cravings kick in and the desire to be under the influence is hard to overturn. The only thing they can think of is when will they be able to obtain the next one. Cravings in addiction are relentless and make your loved one powerless to the unending demands of the body and the mind to drink and use. You may believe this is an overreaction to someone who is making justifications for their bad behavior, but until someone changes their thinking, they will not be able to change their behavior. Drugs and alcohol poison a person mentally, physically, and spiritually to make them think that these substances are all they have to look forward to in life even if you think they have everything they need.

There is no point in enabling addictive behaviors. What is the best thing for all parties is exhibiting some compassion and learning more about addiction so that everyone can get the help they need to move toward finding the solution in recovery.   

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