Why Your Suffering Could Be Hope for Someone Else

Why Your Suffering Could Be Hope for Someone Else

Have you ever heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? This could directly correlate with your recovery. If you share what has happened to you, your insight could spare someone else the misery you have endured. Although this will not happen for everyone, the story you have to tell others could be exactly what someone needed to hear for relapse prevention. Your share could keep them from drinking or using that day or push them in the direction to get the help they need. You may feel shame and guilt with what you pulled off under the influence. The more you share about it, the more you can accept how your recovery can positively affect others and give them the hope they have been lacking.

You are the example they have been looking for.

Nothing helps someone who is suffering from drugs and alcohol than to hear that someone else can relate. Helping a newcomer feel like they are in the right place can come from knowing they are not alone. Your experience, strength, and hope can be the example they have been trying to find to feel like they are a part of. Up until this point, they may have thought their pain was not relative to other people who have been put through the wringer. You could show them that their distress should not be dismissed and needs to be tended to. 

You can lead the way in recovery. 

When people get sober, they can be fearful of what they are getting into and be remiss to take the actions needed for sobriety. By continuing down the path, you are leading the way for others to see that what you are doing is working which could make them want to follow suit. 

You have the perspective they need. 

Sometimes someone just needs to hear their story out of someone else’s mouth before they can realize they do have a problem with drugs and alcohol. You never know when you are helping someone by simply sharing what it was like and what it is like now. 

Turning something that is perceived to be negative into some positive is what recovery is all about. The fact you have turned your life around is what people will find inspirational. People who suffer from addiction can change and you can be a poster child for others to see that you actually have. 

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