Does Embracing Your Recovery Program Really Work?

Does Embracing Your Recovery Program Really Work?

When it comes to recovery, learning to embrace the program works better than trying to poke holes in doubt. You may find yourself having difficulty trying to live one day at a time and believing that this too shall pass. What you should know is that you are not the first one to be skeptical about why you need a program to stay sober and you will not be the last. There will always be people who are leery about whether something is good for them. If you look at what really happens, you may find yourself embracing your program as though your life depends on it.

You are willing to do whatever it takes

For the sake of putting end to your self-imposed consequences, you are ready to try anything. What you need to make sure of is that you are doing what the program entails instead of having your ideas to stay sober. What you were doing before was not working so you should try something that has worked for countless others. By embracing your program, you will find new ways to cope and learn how to deal with cravings as they come all the while being supported by others who are also working a program.

You have reached your bottom

The lowest point you can go with your addiction is to die. You can, however, reach a bottom in your life to give you the gift of desperation that could propel you into change. Most people have to be pretty badly mangled in order for recovery to take effect. They also need therapy and the 12-Steps to continue to stay sober which takes some initiative to find their way out of their addiction. By going to any lengths to stay sober you will find it much easier to do what you need to which will cause you to embrace a recovery program that works.

You are ready to surrender

Until you decide you are ready to wave your white flag into sobriety, something will always keep you from embracing your recovery. Whether it is the people who you do not fit in with, the suggestions that you do not believe in, or hearing the word “God” in meetings, until you let go of everything holding you back, you will always find a problem. Find the similarities rather than go looking for the differences because you are separating yourself from the people who can give you the solution you seek. 

You are prepared to observe

You do not necessarily have to listen to everyone or do exactly what everyone else does. You just need to discover what works for you and do it. Get a sponsor like everyone talks about and then emulate what they do. Look for someone who has what you want in principles, values, and how they work their program. Work the 12-Steps with them so you can be free from your past. Embracing what they can bring to your program is important to learn how to build healthy relationships that will prove to be vital for your continuous sobriety.  

You are ready to put coping mechanisms into play

Putting together some measures to help you stay on the path of recovery can make all the difference in the world. Without having tools, support, or fellowship in place you could find yourself on a slippery slope into relapse. Since drugs and alcohol used to be your coping mechanism, finding other things to replace these substances is crucial. Attending meetings and focusing on meditation are just a few ways to help you to ward off cravings and the insidiousness that addiction brings out. Meetings can give you some ideas of what others do to stay sober and meditation can give you some perspective on why you are embracing sobriety in the first place. 

You accept you cannot do this alone

Finding your place in sobriety can be lonely at first until you decide to let others in. Surrendering alone will not work because you need ongoing support and encouragement that you are doing the right thing. Being left to your own devices means that you could return back to your old ways because that is what you know best. Grabbing onto others and embracing what they are doing can you the insight you need for long-term recovery.

In order for recovery to work, a surrender must take place rather than continuing to fight everyone and everybody. Now is the time to make the changes you need in your life to get healthy and be present without drugs and alcohol being your prime motivation. Gaining the strength to finally embrace a recovery program will be life-changing and life-saving because it works when you work it.

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