Esteemable Acts: Self-Care

Once you get into recovery, you may realize that you have to relearn how to implement healthy practices into your life once again such as self-care. People who find themselves with an addiction often do not take care of themselves at all while they are in drinking and using. They would rather maintain their high than to upkeep their health, hygiene, and relaxation. Your recovery gives you the opportunity to continually step up your game in self-care to become the best version of you. 

Your health

Taking time to do things that help your mental, physical, and spiritual states are important. Every day you work towards making yourself wholly wholesome will be instrumental in making you feel better overall. Being mentally, physically, and spiritually fit entirely benefits you. Take time to sleep, eat healthy foods, drink water, exercise, and meditate to vigorously assist you in your recovery program. Not feeling in good condition can lead you back to drinking and using. If you attempt to become healthy in all areas, you can better combat life on life’s terms without using drugs and alcohol to cope. 

Your hygiene

Personal hygiene often goes by the wayside during addiction because drugs and alcohol make a person feel invincible concerning their hygiene. When they stay under the influence for days with no sleep or waking up to start drinking and using after passing out, hygiene is the last thing they are probably thinking of. Make sure you are regularly bathing, brushing your teeth, maintaining nail care, washing your clothes, and washing your hair. Illnesses and infections become more prevalent when you do not take care of your hygiene. Plus, when you are clean, you just feel better. 

Your relaxation

Taking time to pause is a key component to relaxing. Today’s society may have you going, going, going, but if you put effort into soothing yourself, you will be much better outfitted to take on more. Using tools that help you to relax gives you a better attitude and a better outlook on life to handle anything that comes your way. 

Understand that there will be good days and there will be bad days. All you really need is to remain sober and give yourself permission to do healthy things to get you through the tough times. You have already done the unthinkable by putting down the alcohol and the drugs, so live life to your fullest to finally take care of yourself.

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