How To Stop Letting Your Failures Separate You From Others

Recovery means overlooking the differences you may feel and regard the similarities you see. By doing this, you can stop separating yourself from others who can provide resources or information to benefit your sobriety. If you are suffering from an addiction, you may have found yourself feeling alone and talk yourself into thinking that no one can understand what you are going through. Through self-alienation, you could keep your recovery limited in growth and redemption from using a few different excuses, or lies, that you tell yourself.

I’m not good enough

Self-esteem plays a huge part in why people continue to drink and use. The elusive effects of drugs and alcohol start off as courage to be the person you have always wanted to be. Once in the throes of addiction, the reality sets in that you are not better under the influence, you are worse. Your moral compass is off course and your behaviors are causing your confidence to dwindle every day you are further into your addiction. The lie is that you are not good enough and the solution is that you are better than enough in your recovery. 

I’m different 

Addiction has a stigma that causes people to hide from the truth rather than to live in the truth that they have become a victim of addiction and need help to stop. You are among the millions of people who are suffering from and addiction, and you could become part of the bandwagon of people who are thriving in recovery. Since alcohol, and now marijuana, are both now socially acceptable, you may get resentful that you are addicted to drugs and alcohol although you could use this to your advantage. Be different and stay sober! Instead of remaining drunk and high, you can get into treatment or start attending a 12-Step program to get the psychic change you need to start working a recovery program. 

I’m the bad one

You may have been called the “bad one” your whole life because of the actions you exhibited while you were on a mission to retain a continuous high or drunk. The truth is that you are not bad, you are sick. Drugs and alcohol poison the body, mind, and soul and make anyone who abuses them into an addiction sick. With any other illnesses, you would not decide to get the medicine and information you needed to get well, and you should do the same with your addiction. Recovery is your medicine and can help you to heal.

You are welcome to keep using these justifications to keep you from getting sober, but you should drop the denial and move into the acceptance of your need for recovery. Changing your inner dialogue from these negative connotations will improve your outlook on life and within yourself. 

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