Why You Might Not Be So Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day if You Do Not Stay Sober 

Every year, people find themselves trying to stay sober, only to come into the month of March fearful of getting drunk or high on St. Patrick’s Day. The thrill of the parties and parades that take place on March 17th are phenomenal — except for people who are hard drinkers or suffer from addiction. 

Trying to go hard by partying with drugs and alcohol is socially accepted on St. Patrick’s Day. Bad behaviors are usually overlooked due to the justification of this being considered a drinking holiday. What you need to really consider are the consequences that can occur after recommencing drinking and using again on St. Patrick’s Day after a bout of cessation. 

Black Out

Drinking and using in excess can ultimately lead you into a blackout, which is scary. Even though you appear to be wide awake and functioning, you are doing things that will put others, and yourself, into danger. Waking up and not knowing what you did the night before can take a toll on your mental state as much as blacking out can take a toll on your brain functionality.

Pass Out

Drugs and alcohol can cause someone to pass out when the body is over the limit of consumption. The terrifying aspect of passing out is that there are horrible people out there who may try to take advantage of you in your compromised state. You are also putting extra pressure to have others take care of you since you can no longer take care of yourself at the point of you passing out. Allowing yourself to pass out should be alarming because when you come to, your recollection will be fuzzy and limited.   

Get Arrested

Jail and addiction, unfortunately, tend to go hand in hand. What you do under the influence can get you in some hot water with the police. Being drunk and high in public, along with other crimes you may commit, will quickly put you into jail. Once you are in the system, the more susceptible you become to continuously getting arrested until you get the help you need and decide to live without drugs and alcohol. Keep in mind that even after you get sober, there could be more wreckage to clean up from your past that could also land you back in jail for a time. 

Break Up

One of the worst feelings in the world is being alone. If you prolong your drug and alcohol addiction, people will walk out of your life. There comes a time when the people you love can no longer support your habit because you are making them just as sick with your addiction. This is when loved ones and significant others could possibly break up your relationship because they take umbrage with seeing you in the throes of your addiction. 

Get Committed

When people are under the influence and taking actions that appear to be insane or harmful, they could get committed to a behavioral care hospital to keep them from hurting themselves or others. Being confined to one of these hospitals can be extremely helpful to your mental health, although you are not allowed to leave until you are cleared as being safe. Not adhering to their process can give you greater restrictions. Until they deem you to be safe in society and not harmful to your own being, you will have to stay under their care to be supervised.

Six Feet Under

The absolute worst-case scenario is to die from the insidiousness of addiction. Overdose can happen to anyone at any time. You may be overall sick from the drugs and alcohol, but you will have no warning when you overshoot the mark. Once you put the overabundance of substances in your body, turning back the effects is time-sensitive and takes the care of someone who knows what they are doing. There is no turning back once you have died from an overdose, which is really unfortunate. You may feel like it is your time to go because you have nothing to live for except drugs and alcohol. The aftermath of your death, however, will be difficult for the loved ones you have left behind. 

If you think your addiction is not that bad and none of these will ever happen to you, then you really need to ponder on how addiction works. For someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, these are the consequences that could change your life forever and negatively affect those around you. Your thoughts may be towards having one “fun” day of drinking and using on St. Patrick’s Day; however, what you need to comprehend is this fun really comes at a much higher cost.

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